How to be a better person + help rescues? Watch this adorable award-winning dog video NOW.

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1 Easy Way to Give Back + 10 Easy Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs Watch + Share Adorable Dog Video and Original Song NOW! We are thrilled to have won Best Pet Video at t...

The Best Dog Events For July 2017

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The Best Dog Events July 2017 Important Days July 1st Canada Day July 4th Independence Day (U.S.) July 4th National Country Music Day July 11th Cheer Up The Lonely Day July 14th National Nude Day J...

150 Proud Canadian Dogs to Wish You a Happy and Safe Canada Day

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Happy 150th Canada! Though Canada's beauty, landscapes, and people have been around much longer than 150 years, this year does mark the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming the country that it is today. In...

What I Did When I Found Out My Dog Bocker Had Cancer

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When Marie found out Bocker had Lymphoma, their lives changed There's no easy way to find out your best friend or family member is sick. Our wonderful friend Marie (celebrity therapy dog Bocker Labradoodle's Mom) ...

Is There Hope For My Dog With Lymphoma?

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The short answer is YES, there is hope if your dog has Lymphoma. Cancer is a group of unhealthy cells that either stay in one place (benign tumors) or spread throughout the body (malignant). Lymphoma is one of the ...

Happy Mother’s Day 2017 love Kilo the Pug

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Happy Mother's Day 2017 love Kilo the Pug Hope all the Moms out there have a wonderful, happy day with their kids and fur kids. It is great to celebrate and be celebrated today and everyday. Kilo made his DIY ...

Iggy Joey, Mr Marcel and Jaxson The Golden dressed for Easter

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Celebrity Dogs Iggy Joey, Mr Marcel and Jaxson The Golden dressed for Easter at Canadian Pet Expo

Easter Puppies

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Rousseau and Remi dressed up in bunny ears for Easter.

Happy Valentine’s To All the Single Ladies

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Kilo the Pug Looking for Love - Happy Valentine's Day Hope you all get lots of cuddles and bacon. X Kilo the Pug

Escaping Domestic Abuse: When Your Pets May Be All You Have

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When Your Pets May Be All You Have: A Survivor's Tale After Global Pet Expo, we did a post about the PAWS Act and the amazing work that Noah's Animal House is doing to help survivors of domestic abuse stay with thei...

Dog of the Day Brandy AKA Houndini Does Magic!

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Brandy the Irish Setter Trick Dog AKA "Houndini" is Dog of the Day Brandy is a 12-year-old Irish Setter and one incredibly talented dog. Her mom Kathleen is a trick dog instructor and dog fitness trainer at Fun Tri...

Adorable Adoptable Dogs and Rescues at the Pop Up Adopt Shop

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Rescue Organizations and Adoptables at the Pop Up Adopt Shop We had a great afternoon at Purina PawsWay's Pop Up Adopt Shop Event last Saturday meeting some adorable adoptable dogs and some great volunteers from Resc...

Fundraising for Animal Rescues and Shelters

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Fundraising Ideas for Shelters and Rescue Organizations Kilo the Pug started out as our foster dog from Homeward Bound Rescue in Ontario and is now part of our family. My cat Nala was also a rescue. There are ...

This Video Compilation of The Best Dog Memes is Sure to Brighten your Day

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A Video Compilation of the Best Dog Memes That Make Being Human Look Like a Joke Mondays can be tough so we put together this compilation of dog memes that capture what it's like to be human (and what a laugh tha...

The Most Inspirational Quotes Of the Year

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The Most Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Of the Year To round-up 2016 we thought it would be a great time to reflect on the quotes we found to be inspiring and moving as we begin 2017. Here's our collection of our m...

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

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Expert Tips & 5 Steps To Stop Your Dog From Begging Kilo the Pug is a relentless table beggar. I know this is a common issue in many households, especially around holiday season with big dinners with family and f...

How to Socialize Your Puppy : Start NOW!

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How to Socialize and Prepare Your Puppy for a Happy Life in Society Many feel that socializing your puppy means to get it out and about with other dogs, interacting and playing, so your puppy will learn how to get al...

Have You Seen the Amazing Surfing Dogs at Woofstock This Year?

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Surfing at Woofstock 2017 If you were at Woofstock this year it was pretty hard to ignore the incredible Lucy Pet Gnarly Cranking K9 Wave Maker. Hang 20! The surfing station for dogs was housed atop a trailer a...

How to Keep Happy and Safe when Traveling with Your Dog

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Travel Tips to Keep your Dog Safe on a Road Trip The weather is improving and the time of long weekends and road trips is upon us. We wanted to share with you some things you should remember to prepare and be...

How to Make a Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog

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How to make a Duct Tape Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog Materials: Duct Tape A measuring tape A small, thin ribbon or strip of duct tape for middle of bow Extra ribbon to tie the bow to your dog or a collar t...

How to Make Fun and Easy DIY Mother’s Day Cards

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The DIY Dogs Show Us How To Make Amazing DIY Mother's Day Cards Mother's Day is quickly approaching and we can all find ourselves scrambling last minute for something to give our mothers to show that we care. Wel...

A New Standard for End of Life Care: Introducing Lap of Love

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Dr. Dani McVety, One of the Founders of Lap of Love, is an Inspiration When I was in Orlando at the Global Pet Expo a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Dani McVety speak at a breakfast in her h...

Amazing New Products For Keeping An Anxious Reactive Dog Calm

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These Products Could Help You With Keeping Your Anxious Reactive Dog Calm Kilo the Pug has been with me for just over 2 years now. He has made huge progress but he still has moments of intense anxiety and reactiv...