How to be a better person? Watch this adorable dog video.

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10 Easy Lessons We Can Learn From Dogs Adorable Dog Video and Original Song To read the full "10 easy lessons we can learn from dogs" post and see truly beautiful photo...

Happy Valentine’s To All the Single Ladies

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Kilo the Pug Looking for Love - Happy Valentine's Day Hope you all get lots of cuddles and bacon. X Kilo the Pug


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My valentines Remi and Rousseau

Stay very still

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One always say a Jack Russell can never stay still... Well here in this clip my dogs are staying very very still...

Storm and Jaden

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Storm, my therapy dog, learning to sit patiently while my 9 year old son reads to her. Storm currently works with children who are struggling to read in our local libraries and schools.

Princess and Knight

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Getting ready for Howl-O-Ween

Cutest couple who say they are not a couple #Halloween #Superheroes

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Cutest couple who say they are not a couple #Halloween #Superheroes Love this shot of my little rescue Kilo the Pug getting ready to party with his adorable bestie Instagram model and star Ms. Charmin. They are i...


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Dogs enjoy getting their pics taken. (They get lots of treats)

What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?

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What Makes a Good Therapy Dog? We've featured many amazing therapy dogs and service dogs making a difference over the years on our site, at events, and in our documentary series.

A Sign of Solidarity: Why this Woman’s Matching Tattoo is so Inspiring

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Matching Tattoos: Sending a Message of Solidarity for Puppy Mill Survivors Vanessa Marie Rose never expected that a small gesture she made for her beloved dog, Tobias Funke, would get her the kind of attention she's ...

Pet Poison Prevention Week – Be Safe

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Pet Poison Prevention Week is March 19th-25th 2017 "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Benjamin Franklin Franklin may have been referring to fire safety in this quote but it works for pet saf...

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Kilo the Pug

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Who wants Cupcakes? It's that time of year again when whether you're Irish or not, it's time to celebrate "The Feast of Saint Patrick" by sharing a few drinks, and maybe forgetting not o...

GIVEAWAY – How To Make Delicious Homemade Dog Treats from DOG LICKS

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How To Make Delicious Homemade Dog Treats that Look Like Dogs DOG LICKS RECIPE GIVEAWAY With all the wonderful Holiday Occasions, are you inspired to make something special for your special family member? Let u...

How To Make Dog-Friendly Puppy Love Cookies

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How To Make Dog-Friendly Labrador Retriever Cookies - DOG LICKS Recipe What Is The Most Popular Pet In The US? The Labrador Retriever’s dependable and loving nature has helped to make them one of the most popular ...

The Most Inspirational Quotes Of the Year

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The Most Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Of the Year To round-up 2016 we thought it would be a great time to reflect on the quotes we found to be inspiring and moving as we begin 2017. Here's our collection of our m...

Are These Pets Having An Identity Crisis?

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Pets Having An Identity Crisis A Kitten Who Acts Like A Husky and A Husky Who Acts Like A Cat Are these pets really having an identity crisis or are they proving family and good friends accept you for who you re...

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

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Expert Tips & 5 Steps To Stop Your Dog From Begging Kilo the Pug is a relentless table beggar. I know this is a common issue in many households, especially around holiday season with big dinners with family and f...

How to Socialize Your Puppy : Start NOW!

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How to Socialize and Prepare Your Puppy for a Happy Life in Society Many feel that socializing your puppy means to get it out and about with other dogs, interacting and playing, so your puppy will learn how to get al...

Why Your Dog Is Better Than A Boyfriend + Valentine’s Dog Photos

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Dogs Over Dates: #LoveYourDog Did Your Valentine Have Four Legs This Year? How did you spend Valentine's Day? While most people opt for buying flowers, chocolate and going on an expensive date, nothing beats the gif...

Meet “Dog of the Day” Yuki a Carolina Dog Rescue

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Rescued Carolina Dog (AKA American Dingo), Yuki is our "Dog of the Day" When Kim Bond went to the USDDN world championships in Georgia the last thing she was expecting was to add another dog to her pack. But when Kim...

3 Important Winter Threats to Pets That May Surprise You

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Keep Your Dog Safe From These 3 Common Winter Threats  I thought winter was over but then we woke up to snow today with more forecast for the weekend. When the temperature drops, it is important to keep ourse...

Fundraising for Animal Rescues and Shelters

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Fundraising Ideas for Shelters and Rescue Organizations Kilo the Pug started out as our foster dog from Homeward Bound Rescue in Ontario and is now part of our family. My cat Nala was also a rescue. There are ...

Congratulations Spencer The Goldendoodle – rescue dogs rock!

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Say hi to Spencer the Goldendoodle - rescue dogs rock! Spencer's Story Spencer's mom, a Golden Retriever, and dad, a Standard Poodle, were both rescued form a Puppy Mill in North Dakota by RAGOM, Retrieve a Golden...

I’m just a Dancing Pug

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Kilo is the Best Dancing Pug Every day Kilo the Pug shows that Rescues Rock. Here is the Dancing Pug enjoying some 80's tunes with Mom, channelling MJ. He even has white gloves. Pugs just wanna have fun like Cindy...

Dance Moves for Dogs

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Thoughtless Thursday - Dance Moves for Dogs Kilo loves to dance solo. He has a couple of cool dance moves for dogs. He jumps around on his hind legs and spins in circles. We practise some moves together. He make...

Is Benji an adorable miniature Husky puppy or an Alaskan Klee Kai?

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What is the difference between a Miniature Husky Puppy and an Alaskan Klee Kai? We were all captivated by little Benji at the Purina PawWay Halloween Party. I asked his owner if he was a Mini Husky Puppy but he inf...

Cute Pup Quiz with Salma Hayek

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Cute Pup Quiz on Saturday Night Live Watch the video to see who wins the puppies in this funny trivia quiz for animal lovers on Saturday Night Live. Will it be gorgeous Salma Hayek or hilarious Jimmy Fallon? I lov...

Baby Pug Puppies Sleeping- Who can resist?

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Vidoe of Baby Pug Puppies sleeping will melt your Heart Who doesn't love Pugs and Puppies. This adorable video of a litter of little Pug Puppies sleeping is so sweet. What do you think the one on the left is dreaming...

Cutest Baby and Sleepy Puppy

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Sleepy Puppy just can't stay awake Nothing cuter than a sleepy puppy snuggling a baby. I would be very careful leaving a puppy near my own baby for both their safety, but this is adorable.

Fall in Love with our Adorable New Puppy Character for Kids

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Fall in Love with our Adorable New Puppy Character for Kids Testing For Upcoming Children's Picture Book and iPad App "Penny P Pug - The Pirate Treasure Hunt" Went Well Penny P Pug is a passion project for pre-sch...

Dogs and Kids at the Canadian Pet Expo

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Dogs and Kids at the Canadian Pet Expo Dogs are not only a source of unconditional love, but they can help teach responsibility and empathy to children. Did you know a family pet could add to the overall healt...

Amazing Sony Action Cam Product Review

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Santa, I want a Sony Action Cam for Christmas Product Review - Great Camera for Filming Active Dogs in 4K I prefer super simple cameras as I am hopeless with lots of settings and lenses sadly. I am too messy and imp...

Fabulous Furbo Dog Camera Product Review

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Discover The Secret Life of Dogs with the new Treat Tossing Furbo Dog Camera Ever wonder what your furry friend does while they’re home alone? I do, and I know Kilo is often up to no good. In fact, I made a funny vid...

Pug Dog Breed

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Pug Dog Breed The Pug is believed to have originated in China, and then to have been imported to Europe around 400 years ago. The pug reportedly became the official dog of the House of Orange in 1572 after a Pug save...

A tribute to Kilo the Pug’s best and only friend Stanley

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My daughter Sophie's best friend since Junior Kindergarten is Daisy. Her parents became our close friends. Daisy was an only child until almost 13 years ago when her family got Stanley, a Border Terrier. My daughter w...

Moving tribute to the amazing Bocker Labradoodle

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Courageous and loving Bocker Your legacy and heart will go on! I am crying as I post this but also remembering all the wonderful times the amazing Bocker Labradoodle & his dedicated Mom Marie touched my life...

R.I.P. Bretagne, Our Tribute to the Last 9/11 Rescue Dog

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R.I.P. Bretagne, Our Tribute to the Last 9/11 Rescue Dog Thank you Bretagne: We Commemorate A Heroic Life The Passing of A True American Heroine Smoke, loud noises, danger, and amidst it all, a hope-filled streak...

Backseat Barkers Visit The Pet-Friendly Fairmont Royal York Hotel & Woofstock

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Backseat Barkers Visit The Pet-Friendly Fairmont Royal York Hotel & Woofstock We are excited to announce this weekend, May 28th-29th,  the Talent Hounds crew will begin filming the follow-up to our award nominate...

Premiere of Rescue Dogs Rock- New Talent Hounds Series

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Premiere of Rescue Dogs Rock! The Talent Hounds new TV series launches Wednesday and Sunday nights on The Pet Network. We showed a sneak peek of the new TV episode, Rescues Rock! at Paws...

Behind the Scenes with Gizmo

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Today we spent such a fun afternoon with Gizmo the 3.5 pound Wonder Doglet at the Hartford Public Library. What a fantastic facility and amazing Fren. We worked with the library media crew filming lovely childr...

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