Mr. Tuff Surf Dogs

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Mr. Tuff and over 100 surfer dogs hit the waves ,..great video !!

SURF DOGS-Mr. Tuff and over 100 surf Dogs

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Walk like a human bark like a dog

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This is one of sheby best tricks she loves to stand like a human and walk on 2 legs

Harper’s Magic Stick

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We attached a GoPro camera to the end of a stick and made Harper jump for it. It is surprising how steady the camera is while he is carrying the stick in his mouth.

Harper and His Magic Ball

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Harper has had the ball since he was 4 months old. He is now 4 years old. It is like an exercise ball, he chases it all over the park. I can't bring this out in my backyard or my neighbours will complain about the ...

2014: A Dog Odyssey

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Harper not catching balls at Monarch Park in Torono. Recorded with an iPhone 4 running SloPro.

The amazing sheby star performs some cool tricks

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Sheby star performing some cool tricks some new ones too


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Kallie goes above and beyond when it comes to jumping


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My dog's talents are posing for pictures, spinning in circles, kissing and cuddling She can hold a great sit/stay.

Chief the German Shepherd

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Chief the German Shepherd We fell in love with the story of Chief and all he has overcome thanks to his patient and caring new family. Read his amazing story below that was published on his Facebook page about his pr...

Noodles the Wonder Dog- Rescue Dogs Rock!

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Noodles the Wonder Dog- Rescue Dogs Rock! Meet the shelter mutt turned inspirational Therapy Dog and International Trick Dog Champion! We loved meeting adorable Noodles the Wonder Dog and his lovely family...

Adoptable dog Sam

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Sam looks like such a cutie- please check him out as he is with a foster Mom with Loyal. PETFINDER Profile

Bullwrinkles Dog Treats Celebrate 25 Years!

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Bullwrinkles®  & Barnsdale Farms®  Select are Celebrating 25 Years Of Making Delicious All-Natural Dog Treats & Chews In Canada As part of the anniversary celebration, we were invited out to New Hamburg, Onta...

July Events

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July Events What To Do With Your Dog This July! Homeward Bound Rescue Clarington Ontario Saturday, July 5th, 20149am – 4pmClarington Fire Hall2430 Highway #2Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3K7 $10 per Vehicle or Do...

Friends Fur-Ever

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Friends Fur-Ever! Happy Monday Funday Today we celebrate our pets as best friends! Maybe your pet even has it's own furry best friend like Blossom and Piddle. Tell us about your best friend in the comments below an...

Fridays Rule!

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Fridays Rule! Fridays rule, Hemi  agrees, and is weekend ready! How will you be spending this beautiful summer weekend? Get outside with your best friend and enjoy the sun. T.G.I.F.

5 Steps to a Fun walk without Leash Pulling from Gillian Ridgeway

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5 Steps to a Fun walk without Leash Pulling Leash Pulling can make walking your dog a challenge! The amazing Gillian Ridgeway, head trainer of Who’s Walking Who Dog Training Centres  shares her expert tips for achiev...

Dogs Love Beautiful Island in Muskoka

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Dogs Love Beautiful Island in Muskoka in summer- and so do I. We were lucky to spend a wonderful weekend hiking and swimming on a beautiful island in Muskoka with Sammy and Angus. The weather was cloudy but pleasant ...

Rescue Dogs Rock! – Homeward Bound Rescue & Linzy

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Rescue Dogs Rock! First good news - We are now an approved Foster Family for Homeward Bound Rescue (HBR). Woohoo- can't wait. HBR is a volunteer-run, foster home-based rescue in Ontario. that rescues brachycephali...

Fitbit Update & Fit Dog Harper

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Fitness and Fitbit Update First a quick update on my fitness regime and new Fitbit. I could put on FB "in a relationship" as it is a commitment. We were doing so well a...

Muttley Cyrus the Fabulous Diva Dog!

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Fabulous Muttley Cyrus has hit the world "Like a Wrecking Ball" This 2 year old miniature Dachshund famous for her cutting edge fashion is also a Certified Registered Therapy Dog, has earned two degrees of obedie...

Amazing Drug Detection Dog

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Drug detection dogs like Max are amazing. http://youtu.be/_HIw9XVLMDI They can detect the scent of marijuana in tiny quantities hidden in amongst hundreds of boxes in a factory. They undergo rigorous training, e...


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Loves to be around people, and does not get startled by new or large groups of people, already knows basic commands at 10 weeks of age.

Adoptable Dogs- Awesome Oscar

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Adoptable Dogs- Awesome Oscar has a will not only to live but to thrive! This adorable male Schnauzer mix came to From My Heart Rescue from death row in Quebec, where his owners had dumped him in a gassing shelter. Ha...

Say NO to Puppy Mills – ADOPT DON’T SHOP

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SAY NO to Puppy Mills ADOPT DON'T SHOP. Support Harley & Share. check out Harley's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/harleyfreighttraintaylor

Faith’s Journey- Puppy Mill Survivor

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Faith's Journey- Story of a Puppy Mill Survivor My life hasn't always been the greatest, 12 years I spent in a place where I wasn't being loved -- just used as profit and a way to create more puppies. I am Grammy...

Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo

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Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo in the off leash dog park- fun in the sun

Service Puppies!

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Service Puppies!   How cute are these soon to be service dogs?!

Cute Talking Husky Puppy says “I Love you”

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Cute Talking Husky Puppy Bella learns to say "I Love you"

Cute Puppy Training

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Cute Puppy Training at All About Dogs

Fun in the Adirondacks with Fitbit

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Fun in The Adirondacks with Fitbit Happy 4th of July to all our American friends. I spent last weekend hiking, golfing and swimming in Keene NY in The Adirondacks with some of my closest friends. They have a beautifu...

BUY Fitbit Now! Get Fit, Fight Fat.

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Buy Fitbit Now! Get Fit, Fight Fat. We are always looking for ways to help parents and dogs get more active and lose weight- see our Fit Dog Friday posts. We reviewed Fitbit products after CES when we saw the tren...

R.I.P. Cognac

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R.I.P. Cognac Our hearts go out to our friend and rescue dog advocate Margaret from Helping Homeless Pets as she has lost one of her rescued dachshunds, Cognac. Rainbow Bridge Poem  

R.I.P. Poncho

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So sad to say goodbye to the awesome little chihuahua, Poncho.   Closing My Eyes As I close my eyes I see you running free; free of pain waiting by the gates for me. Closing my eyes and seeing...

R.I.P. Floyd

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Through tears and sobs the Miley Cyrus sang Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' for her beloved dog that died Tuesday at her Boston concert. ' "This is his favorite song," she told the audience. Miley has been devastated o...

Behind the Scenes with Gizmo

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Today we spent such a fun afternoon with Gizmo the 3.5 pound Wonder Doglet at the Hartford Public Library. What a fantastic facility and amazing Fren. We worked with the library media crew filming lovely childr...

Toronto Humane Society- Shelter & Rescue Dogs Rock!

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Behind the Scenes at the Toronto Humane Society. We had such a good day talking to the President of the Toronto Humane Society Barbara Steinhoff and meeting gorgeous adoptable Dogs. The Toronto Humane Society's...

Thank You- Rescues Rock! Stars

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What an amazing time we had filming for our new Campaign and TV episode Rescues Rock! We could not have done it without our amazing production team and of course, our Rock Stars! We'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU t...

LOL watch “Pippy Love” Teaser

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Please watch, like, laugh and share the teaser for our new romantic comedy series "Pippy Love". Story:  Arts student Emma adopts mischievous little rescue Puppy Pippy and chaos ensues. Then a few weeks later, Em...

Trailer for Talent Hounds Dog Documentary

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Talent Hounds Documentary - Enjoy a tease: Woot! We love our trailer for the upcoming documentary Talent Hounds! Thanks so much to all who were a part of the filming, from our many auditions, interviews, sponsors...

“My Dog” Song

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 "My Dog" Song and Music Video- Here is the first version of the video for our wonderful new dog song "My Dog" by the brilliant Kurt Swinghammer  that includes many Talent Hounds Community Members. Thanks to every...

Talent Hounds – Singing Cute Funny Little Dog Star Louis – What a Voice

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Cute, little Boston Terrier, Louis does not sit but he's Got Talent - He sings oh Canada, Happy Birthday and Mary Had a Little Lamb. He is such a funny talented singing dog star! He's got The X Factor. He could be on ...

Cute Jingle Bells, Rescue Dogs Rock Video

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Cute Jingle Bells, Rescue Dogs Rock Video! Starring the Rescues Rock Stars from shoots for our new #RescuesRock campaign and TV episodes (airing on the Pet Network in 2014). The barking Rescue Rock Stars are all ad...

Talent Hounds Casting Call!

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Sign up to submit a photo or video of your dog and it might appear in our film. We are looking for all kinds of talented hounds: Entertainers (singers, dancers, freestyle, actors), Service Dogs (such as police, fir...

Dogs Helping Kids With Autism-Watch & Share

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National Service Dogs Helping Kids With Autism- Please Watch and Share! Here is a beautiful segment from our Talent Hounds documentary featuring National Service Dogs helping families dealing with autism for the be...

Rescues Rock! Adopt Don’t Shop.

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