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Other than being looking good with an array of facial expressions (just look at that stud, he's like the Ryan Gosling of dogs), Chaucer can shake paw, sit, come & stay, attack on command (play attack). He also kno...

Flynn Seamus O’Flannigan “Flynn”

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I've had him for 6 months adopted from a Rescue. His talents are continually unfolding but its all about humour. He has this innate ability to read people's energy knowng that they want attention or that they want to ...


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Brutus is a very happy and loving dog. He does all your basic tricks - sit, paw, high five, sit pretty, wait, stay, go potty, plays dead, and waits. He's a mr fancy pants. He is a good dresser and very good at being a...


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Toby fakes going out to go pee cause he knows Daddy will give him a treat. His trips are getting way to close together lol. He is very talented in the kissing department. We call him the "kissing bandit" He is simply...


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Roscoe loves to learn tricks and show them off to anyone for any food :-) He also has a crazy grip on his toys once he latches could hang him up or swing him around, he won't let go!!

Top Fifteen Cutest Dogs from Talent Hounds Auditions

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These are the top cute dogs of all the auditions who came out to the live casting calls for the documentary Talent Hounds. Of course, there are many more top cute faces, but we had to make a list and cut it off somewh...


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Buddy is a show off. Buddy has been doing Agility for over a year. Not such a big deal I guess But when he does his Agility he turns everyones head because of his size and attitude he is only 2 1/2 lbs of LOVE he kn...


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Rabbi otis hi im rabbi otis i would like to be friends i put a like on your page i was dumped three years ago on the long iland expressway in new york my owner no longer wanted me becaus i was old and had speaci...


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Wally knows basic obedience, your typical sit, down, stay and come, but at a distance. He also knows quite a few tricks from standing on my feet, weaving, walking on his hind feet, and spinning, all the way to cleani...


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Belle has just started competing in the agility starters class last year. She loves to play piano and is able to scare people with her high pitched bark.


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Autumn is a Red Tri Australian Shepherd. Autumn is my first Australian shepherd, Robin founder of Robin Australian shepherd’s knew she was meant for me the moment she was born. Autumn is a fiery red head that lives to...


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Ranger is 1 year old black tri australian shepherd, he knows over 100 tricks and loves to preform! We love to train in freestyle, Agility, Rally-O and Flyball ! Ranger has seven titles CGN(Canine Good Neighbour), HIC(...


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Tucker is an Ontario dock dog, he's the #1 junior jumping dog in Canada!


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Lyra is a charismatic Diva cutie! From a doggie orphanage, Lyra is now so happy to be with her furever home. Lyra is particularly talented at chasing squirrels, terrorizing toys and reigning as queen of the dog pa...


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Diddy the Dog has the most unique talent - he can mesmerize you with his big golden eyes! And what does he do once you are hypnotized you ask? Well, he makes you put that tasty treat in your hands right into his ope...


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Bella wears a bikini with style too!

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