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What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?

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What Makes a Good Therapy Dog? We've featured many amazing therapy dogs and service dogs making a difference over the years on our site, at events, and in our documentary series.

What Are The World’s Most Intelligent Dog Breeds, And Why?

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The World's Most Intelligent Dog Breeds: Does your dog make the list? I am always inspired by the incredibly smart dogs we know and the difference they each make in somebody's life. Have you ever wondered exactly ho...

Do You Know The Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers?

362 Views6 Comments

Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers We Know Today we wanted to share some of the top dog trainers we know who use positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs. From amazing tricks to correcting even the most s...

Meet “Dog Of The Day” Bridgette The Therapy Bulldog

282 Views13 Comments

Meet Our "Dog Of The Day" Bridgette the English Bulldog A St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Today we are inspired again by the human-animal bond and the ability of dogs like Bridgette to help people of all ages...

How Amazing Dogs Are Helping Patients In Hospitals

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Why A Passion for Pets Builds a Better World Dogs Are Helping Patients Heal In Hospitals. Given our interest in the human-animal bond, the panel by Dr. Kurt Venator was one of the most interesting at the 2016 Purina...

Purina Helps Build A Better World For People and Pets

97 Views2 Comments

How Purina Is Helping Build A Better World For People and Pets Over the holidays, I was working on my business strategy and my friend asked me "What is the essence of what you do and like? How do you know if a projec...

How To Help Kids And Dogs Interact Safely

217 Views15 Comments

Important For Kids: How To Interact Safely With Dogs We all love dogs and when we’re out and about and see a real cutie it’s easy to forget that not all dogs are sociable. Kilo the Pug looks little and sweet (as...

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Chocolate?

190 Views21 Comments

Do You Know What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate? Chocolate is a tasty treat for humans that can be fatally toxic for dogs. It may be one of the most common forms of poisoning in dogs, so it’s vital to know what to ...

How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season

793 Views18 Comments

Dog Mom Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season It's hard to believe that my rescue pug Kilo, has been part of our family for over two years now. My girls even call him "the favourite child". Kilo is very ...

Have You Seen The Amazing Olate Dogs?

808 Views23 Comments

The Talented Olate Dogs Are More Than Performers Today we are totally inspired. We celebrate the human-animal bond and talented rescue dogs in our interview with the amazing Olate Dogs, who we watched win the sev...

What Are The Most Affectionate Dog Breeds In The World?

858 Views21 Comments

These Are Some Of The Most Cuddly and Affectionate Dog Breeds In The World Obviously, I am biased but Pugs win hands down. Kilo is a complete love bug who loves pug hugs and sitting on me or next to someone and d...

How cute are these Morkies and Yorkies?

1.81K Views20 Comments

Do you know your adorable Morkies and Yorkies? Everywhere we go lately, we have been meeting wonderful "designer" mix breeds and tiny dogs, so today we wanted to feature some unbelievably cute, talented little Morkie...

How To Take A Great Dog Photo

8.75K Views27 Comments

 10 Top Tips : How To Take A Great Photo of Your Dog With the growth of social media accounts for dogs, we've been getting lots of questions on how to take a great dog photo. Awesome Pawsome Pet Photography’s ...

Moving tribute to the amazing Bocker Labradoodle

15.64K Views28 Comments

Courageous and loving Bocker Your legacy and heart will go on! I am crying as I post this but also remembering all the wonderful times the amazing Bocker Labradoodle & his dedicated Mom Marie touched my life...

20 Foods You Should Never Share With Your Dog

1.48K Views26 Comments

Keep Your Dogs Safe Over The Holidays Don't Let Them Eat Foods They Shouldn't I confess - I am totally guilty of slipping Kilo the Pug little tastes at the table, especially on occasions. We bond over our love o...

Award Winner Shares Her Motivations For Animal Rescue

1.05K Views15 Comments

Award Winner Shares Her Motivations For Animal Rescue Kristin Avery is a talented and award-winning blogger dedicated to saving four-legged friends Kristin Avery is fresh off an incredible family trip to Phoenix...

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