Dog Songs 2014


Celebrate dogs and how they enrich our lives. Here is our updated list of 20 popular Dog Songs 

We are biased and it is our list so Number 1 : Our original song “My Dog” composed and performed by the talented Kurt Swinghammer for the original Talent Hounds documentary Watch the cute “My Dog” music video – Here.  Download the song now on iTunes, and Click Here if you would like to do your own tribute to your dog!


We also have our fun new song The 12 Dogs of Christmas with our own singing Pug SantaPaws Kilo.

We discovered Muttley Cyrus  with Doug Ratner and the Watchmen – “DOGS”.

Special guest star “OBIE” the Dachshund to support Shelters and Rescues across America !!! Please click on this link to Purchase the rescue album

Moving new song from talented community member Donna “Dog on a 10 foot chain” 

Cat Stevens “I Love My Dog”

Michael K Brown “Wherever She Goes”  Wily Trax Music (Pound Hounds Rule video)

Heidi Winzinger’s dog song “My Best Friend”

Paul McCartney’s Martha My Dear about Paul’s Old English Sheep Dog

Dolly Parton – “Cracker Jack

Kirk Olsen Dog Songs  album

Elvis Presley  “Hound Dog

Nick Drake  “Black Eyed Dog

Johnny Cash -“Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog

“The Puppy Song” by Harry Nillson

Bingo – Was His Name-O – nursery rhyme- Many versions.

“Me And You And A Dog Named Boo” by Lobo

You’re A Good Dog from Pet CDs

Nellie McKay-  The Dog Song

“Blue” by Peter, Paul and Mary

“Like My Dog” by Billy Currington

“Better With You There” words and music composed by Daniel James Reising and Richard Patrick Reising

and by our new friends on Twitter:

Madrette & Nuttie “My Best Friend”

this song  Buddy  by Joel Ransom when he was playing Pooch About Portsmouth in 2012. Buddy is on Twitter @buddyportsmouth


Photo Courtesy of : CCRT and Pawesome Pet Photography- Please Adopt!

Submit Songs, Photos or Videos and Lines to be added to the list or included in the next versions and TV episodes

Check out a submission from a community member, for a new children’s song book about dogs! Top Dog Songs

Do you have a favourite? Are we missing a good one? Please Love,  Share, Comment below.


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