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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Pet?

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When is it Time to Let Go? How Do I Say Goodbye to My Beloved Dog? The love from a dog is deeply unique. Trying to explain this bond in the right words is something only a fellow pet lover would understand.  I...

A Choice No One Should Have to Make: Share The PAWS Story

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The Pet and Women Safety Act (PAWS) & What you can do to Help At Global Pet Expo last week, I attended Bayer's annual media luncheon and was deeply touched by the work they are doing to help victims of domestic v...

Pet Poison Prevention Week – Be Safe

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Pet Poison Prevention Week is March 19th-25th 2017 "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Benjamin Franklin Franklin may have been referring to fire safety in this quote but it works for pet saf...

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Kilo the Pug

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Who wants Cupcakes? It's that time of year again when whether you're Irish or not, it's time to celebrate "The Feast of Saint Patrick" by sharing a few drinks, and maybe forgetting not o...

“Love Like a Dog” Nominated for BlogPaws 2017 Best Pet Video Award

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"Love Like a Dog" Nominated For BlogPaws Best Pet Video Award We are so excited and proud to announce that our heartwarming anti-discrimination video, Love Like a Dog, has been given a huge honor. BlogPaws jus...

Is a Total Ban on Certain Choke Collars the Right Answer?

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The Toronto Prong & Choke Collars Total Ban The City of Toronto has banned all chain, choke, and prong collars as of March 1st, 2017.  What do you think? My Personal Opinion I personally never use any type ...

What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?

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What Makes a Good Therapy Dog? We've featured many amazing therapy dogs and service dogs making a difference over the years on our site, at events, and in our documentary series.

The Best Dog-Friendly Events and Holidays in March

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List of the Best Dog-Friendly Events and Holidays this Month Spring is on the way and that means it's about time to stop dreading walks through the slush and snow and to get excited about spending hours in the su...

World Spay Day: Spread Awareness and Help Save Lives

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World Spay Day is Today and You Could Help Save Lives World Spay Day—the last Tuesday of February—provides an opportunity for shelter and rescue organizations to build awareness,  highlight their spay/neuter prog...

How to Bake a Difference this National Cupcake Day

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A Delicious, Fun Way to Make a Difference for Animals in Need - National Cupcake Day 2017 National Cupcake Day™ on Monday, February 27, 2017, is a great way to combine two things Kilo the Rescue Pug and I love: eatin...

Everything You Need to Know if You Missed Westminster 2017

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Talent Hounds Roundup of 2017’s Westminster Dog Show Winners: I was so disappointed that my flights from Toronto got canceled because of huge snow storms and then I had a health issue so I did not attend The 141s...

Why Your Dog Is Better Than A Boyfriend + Valentine’s Dog Photos

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Dogs Over Dates: #LoveYourDog Did Your Valentine Have Four Legs This Year? How did you spend Valentine's Day? While most people opt for buying flowers, chocolate and going on an expensive date, nothing beats the gif...

Meet “Dog of the Day” Yuki a Carolina Dog Rescue

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Rescued Carolina Dog (AKA American Dingo), Yuki is our "Dog of the Day" When Kim Bond went to the USDDN world championships in Georgia the last thing she was expecting was to add another dog to her pack. But when Kim...

10 Things We Can Learn From Man’s Best Friend About How To Be Better People

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How Can We Learn from Man's Best Friend To Be Better People? Love Like A Dog It's been a crappy few months, full of negative media, protests, violence, work stress, health issues, weather issues and a broken sew...

A Sign of Solidarity: Why this Woman’s Matching Tattoo is so Inspiring

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Matching Tattoos: Sending a Message of Solidarity for Puppy Mill Survivors Vanessa Marie Rose never expected that a small gesture she made for her beloved dog, Tobias Funke, would get her the kind of attention she's ...

Two-Legged Rescue Puppy Cupid has Stolen all of our Hearts

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Rescued from a Dumpster, Two-Legged Cupid has Stolen all of our Hearts You may have seen the adorable little Great Pyrenees cross two-legged rescue puppy Cupid who was found in a dumpster after being thrown away for ...

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