Remembering Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

Memorial Day commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. 

“Home of the Free, because of the Brave”


It is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and is believed to have originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the war by decorating their graves with flowers. The sheer number of soldiers from both sides who died in the Civil War, more than 600,000, meant that burial and memorialization took on new cultural significance.

“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” John F Kennedy

Memorial Day endures as a holiday to remember lost soldiers which most businesses observe. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on grave sites at national cemeteries. Many flags are at half-mast (see guidelines for flags ).

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial beginning of summer, so many people celebrate with barbecues and fireworks.

THE MUFFLED drum’s sad roll has beat The soldier’s last tattoo; No more on Life’s parade shall meet That brave and fallen few. On Fame’s eternal camping-ground 5 Their silent tents are spread, And Glory guards, with solemn round, The bivouac of the dead. Bivouac Of The Dead, by Theodore O’Hara

Today we are also remembering all the dogs who have given their lives for our freedom.

My own grandfather George Burrows fought for Australia in two world wars. He lived to 96 but so many perished beside him.

These men made it back alive but saw their fellow soldiers and enemies die. Dogs can make a difference in their lives.

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  • Great post, Kilo. Mom remembers her gramma and other older relatives still calling it decoration day when she was growing up.