Please fill in your Dog’s Profile and share cool interesting details with our Talent Hounds Community of Dog Lovers.

We all love looking at and sharing the stories, pictures and videos of our dogs.

We held our first Casting Calls from November 2012 to January 2013 and got hundreds of wonderful submissions. You can watch the film on The Pet Network and can check out the My Dog music video and trailer on this site to see the dogs that made it in. We are currently planning further TV episodes, and also new versions of the music video and other content so we can include more dogs.

We are looking for new stories, pictures and videos of dogs – all ages, breeds, skills and talents welcome. Cutie is one of our favourite categories of talent. Who says diamonds are a girls best friend- not any more.

We are also particularly interested in stories about rescues, service and therapy dogs, heroes, athletes, training and puppies.

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  • Profile photo of Demi Bourantanis

    I did have some more pictures of Callie in the summer all dolled up as usual, but the computer broke. I just got it back and downloaded what was left on the camera (photos I haven’t developed yet). So I don’t have pictures from summer with her pretty pink bows and sunflowers sadly. I wish I had more to show you. I hope you give her a chance as she deserves it. While she is not a rescue, no one wanted her either because of her colour. I was just lucky enough to have been the one to have her in my life.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes absolutely we would LOVE to give her a chance! Come on down to the Casting Call and we’ll do her justice fer shure!!

      • Profile photo of Demi Bourantanis

        Thank you Talent Hound 🙂 I have never done anything like this before with a dog so this is exciting. I did try to put her entry in. I don’t want to keep submitting my entry to you, but I don’t know if you got it or not. It takes a long time to go thorugh. I can’t thank you enough for the oppotunity to do something like this with my Callie. I will be there with bows on, well at least Callie will be 😀

  • Profile photo of Jean Holm

    Hi – I would like to enter Simba in both the Athlete and Cutie categories – is this possible? Thanks!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I think I can tag Simba for both cutie and athlete that from the backend. Upload the profile if you haven’t already done so, then let me know, and I’ll take over from here. 🙂