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Talent Hounds Amazon Store

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5 Fabulous Dog Products From Global Pet Expo

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5 Fabulous Dog Products From Global Pet Expo Global Pet Expo was amazing.  Thousands of products and miles of walking. I admit, it was a little overwhelming trying to see everything and meet everyone I wanted to ove...

The Loving Bowl Is A Cool New Way To Feed Your Dog

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Feeding Your Dog Safely There’s now a bowl made just for flat-faced breeds! Introducing The Loving Bowl, a new way to more safely feed your dog. "It's like giving your pet a Knife and Fork." - Bill, The Loving B...

Wonderful Fall Fashions and GIVEAWAY Just for You

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Are you ready for Fall & Winter with your Dog? Don't miss Wonderful Fall Fashions and GIVEAWAY Just for You I finally pulled out some of my Fall clothes yesterday as I took Kilo down to the Farmers' Market i...

Pet grooming Made Easy: SPAW DRY ™ Dog Towels

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Pet Grooming Made Easy: Launching the new Exclusive SPAW DRY ™ Dog Towels Line for Talent Hounds! We are very excited to be launching our new exclusive line of Thomas & Arthur Pets SPAW DRY ™ Dog Towels Li...

7 Helpful Steps to Healing from Tragic Pet Loss

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Have you lost a loved one? Find Out How to Start to Heal. I lost my beautiful rescue cat Nala at age seventeen almost a year ago and I have several friends dealing with terrible grief from the loss of their pets...

BUY Fitbit Now! Get Fit, Fight Fat.

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Buy Fitbit Now! Get Fit, Fight Fat. We are always looking for ways to help parents and dogs get more active and lose weight- see our Fit Dog Friday posts. We reviewed Fitbit products after CES when we saw the tren...

Fabulous Furbo Dog Camera Product Review

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Discover The Secret Life of Dogs with the new Treat Tossing Furbo Dog Camera Ever wonder what your furry friend does while they’re home alone? I do, and I know Kilo is often up to no good. In fact, I made a funny vid...

Amazing Sony Action Cam Product Review

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Santa, I want a Sony Action Cam for Christmas Product Review - Great Camera for Filming Active Dogs in 4K I prefer super simple cameras as I am hopeless with lots of settings and lenses sadly. I am too messy and imp...

Amazing New Products For Keeping An Anxious Reactive Dog Calm

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These Products Could Help You With Keeping Your Anxious Reactive Dog Calm Kilo the Pug has been with me for just over 2 years now. He has made huge progress but he still has moments of intense anxiety and reactiv...

A New Standard for End of Life Care: Introducing Lap of Love

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Dr. Dani McVety, One of the Founders of Lap of Love, is an Inspiration When I was in Orlando at the Global Pet Expo a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Dani McVety speak at a breakfast in her h...

Have You Ever Wondered About The Secret Life of Pets?

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Have You Ever Wondered About The Secret Life of Pets? Who else wonders what our pets get up to when we leave the house? I often come home and find evidence of mischief in the case of Kilo the Pug. Now I don't have to...

Grain-Free plus Freeze-Dried Raw- the new #SubZeroDifference

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Grain-Free plus Freeze-Dried Raw- the #SubZeroDifference New Canadian Dog Food In PetSmart® – Nutrience® SubZero™ This post is sponsored by Nutrience, PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I a...

BIG BOI AND BOBBI Dog Shampoo Collaboration

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BIG BOI AND BOBBI Dog Shampoo Collaboration This special moisturising dog shampoo will keep your dog smelling "Scrumptious" Big Boi from famed hip hop group, Outkast, and partner dog grooming maven TV star, Bobbi Pa...

Merrick Dog Food Review with Kilo the Pug

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Merrick Dog Food Review with Kilo the Pug Good health starts with a good diet so I am always looking to give my little Kilo the Pug the best. He really loves to eat. In fact, he is obsessed.  I try to balance keeping...

Healthy Bullwrinkles & Barnsdale Farms Treats Product Review

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Healthy Delicious Bullwrinkles & Barnsdale Farms Treats Talent Hounds went to Ontario, Canada farm country to the charming hamlet of New Hamburg and Barnsdale Farms® to tour the Eurocan/Bullwrinkles Factory and i...

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