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You’ll Love This New Game That Teaches Kids to Pick up After Their Dogs

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This weekend at the Canadian Pet Expo, Talent Hounds and Kids' Pet Club will be hosting a booth, filming auditions, taking photos and organizing activities for kids and pets to learn and enjoy! We've put our o...

The Top 10 Awesome Indoor Dog Games to Play With Your Dog

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How to keep your dog happy and healthy indoors? Try these 10 fun Dog Games to play inside With the weather cooling off and raining more in Fall, Kilo and I tend to spend less time outside.  I'm always looking fo...

Do You Challenge Your Dogs With Stimulating Dog Toys and Dog Games?

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Keep Your Dogs Happy and Healthy With Stimulating Dog Toys and Dog Games? BUSTER ActivityMat Product Review I can't believe it. Toronto got what seemed like another foot of snow and I had to scrape the car off to ge...

How to Get ACTIVE Indoors with your Dog!

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Get Active Indoors on this snowy Fit Dog Friday with Dog Tricks, Dog Games, and More! January is always a challenge as I plan to get fit with Kilo the Pug. Some dogs stay warmer than others in very cold temperatures ...