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Our Afghan Therapy Dog of the Day Adar Helps People in Recovery

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Adar the Afghan is Dog of the Day If you've seen our adorable A-Z dog breed video you may have noticed some amazing photos of a gorgeous Afghan kicking off our "A" breeds. Well, that dog is Adar and he's a therapy ...

Amazing Program Saves Warriors And Rescue Dogs

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Amazing Program Saves Warriors And Rescue Dogs May is Military Appreciation Month, where the countless men, women and service animals who serve their country are honored. At Global Pet Expo in 2015 and 2016, we met u...

Adorable Service Puppies- Future Life Savers

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Adorable Service Puppies- Future Lifesavers Life is definitely way better for many people with a Service Dog. Service Dogs can help kids with autism, the physically impaired, people with PTSD and even people with ill...

Dogs, Nature’s Best Antidepressants

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Dogs, Nature's Best Antidepressants Science confirms - dogs make a difference! Professionally trained service animals—such as Guide Dogs, Alert Dogs, or Special Needs Dogs for the physically disabled offer obvious b...

Dogs Helping Children Read

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Dogs Helping Children  Reading to Dogs Programs Reading ability has a significant impact on all areas of academic learning. Poor reading skills at an early age can lead to lower self-esteem, underachievement, a disl...

Therapy & Service Dogs Rock!

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Companion, Therapy & Service Dogs Rock! Help us celebrate them! It's always time to celebrate dogs at Talent Hounds, but especially during National Autism Month. Here's a look at just a few of the talented st...

Scent Training: The Dog’s Amazing Sense of Smell

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Scent Training: The Dog’s Amazing Sense of Smell Exploring Dog's Incredible Skills In our film Talent Hounds, we explore the evolving talents of dogs. One of the most impressive segments focuses on the Dog’s incredi...