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Amazing New Products For Keeping An Anxious Reactive Dog Calm

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These Products Could Help You With Keeping Your Anxious Reactive Dog Calm Kilo the Pug has been with me for just over 2 years now. He has made huge progress but he still has moments of intense anxiety and reactiv...

Is a Total Ban on Certain Choke Collars the Right Answer?

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The Toronto Prong & Choke Collars Total Ban The City of Toronto has banned all chain, choke, and prong collars as of March 1st, 2017.  What do you think? My Personal Opinion I personally never use any type ...

Do You Know The Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers?

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Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers We Know Today we wanted to share some of the top dog trainers we know who use positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs. From amazing tricks to correcting even the most s...

How To Teach Your Dog “The Limp” Trick!

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How To Teach Your Dog "The Limp" Trick! An advanced dog trick sure to impress! The more you teach a dog, the better your dog will become at learning in the future and the tighter your bond will get. The "Limp...

How to Teach Dogs Focus and Self-Control

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How To Teach Dogs Focus and Self-Control Working on Dog Behaviour Issues with An Expert I started fostering Kilo the Pug 9 months ago.  He was very cute and healthy, but he was not perfect. He arrived with a few dog...

How Amazing Drug Detection Dog’s Make A Difference

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How Amazing Drug Detection Dog's Make A Difference In our original documentary film, Talent Hounds, we explored the many evolving talents and roles dogs play in society. We are inspired by the incredible time and eff...

Inspiring Photos From The Top Dog Trick Show

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Inspiring Photos From The Top Dog Trick Show Today we are inspired by the human-animal bond and dedication to positive reinforcement training we saw at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo. We'd like to congratulate all...

How To Train Your Dog: Positive Reinforcement vs. Alpha Dog

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How To Train Your Dog Is Positive Reinforcement Or Alpha Dog Methods Best? Should Training Your Dog Be All Fun and Games For You and Your Dog? We have been blown away by how much fun people are having with th...

Talent Hounds Spotlight on Canadian Dog Trainers

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Talent Hounds Spotlight on Canadian Dog Trainers The Talent Hounds Casting Call for subjects and experts to appear in the Talent Hounds Film and on the website has begun! We believe in developing a dog's full potenti...