An Incredible Journey from Sleeping in a Car to the Finals of AGT

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Wow Sara and The Super Collies - You Did It! Top 5 - Dreams Do Come True.We have followed Sara and Hero's incredible journey since we met them 5 years ago. She told me then that she wanted to be on America's Go...

Don’t miss these Dog-Friendly 2017 October Events and Pet Holidays.

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Looking to have some fun with your dog in or around Toronto or support a good cause? Check out the 2017 October Events and Pet Holidays below. Let us know if we have missed any in the comments or on Facebook. Happy Ho...

Great morning at the first Toronto Park and Bark Show.

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Kilo the Pug and I had a fabulous time at our first Park and Bark Show in Toronto at Yonge and Davisville near us. It was beautiful weather and there were friends, freebies and treats galore.There are over 250,000...

Remembering an amazing dog with love and moving forward

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Bocker's Spirit and Legacy of Spreading Love Live OnAt Talent Hounds, our mission is to inspire, educate, entertain and connect dog lovers. We explore how dogs enrich our lives and how to bring out the best in...

Are Dogs Really Good For Kids?

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Everyone Knows Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, But Are They Also A Kid's Best Friend? Science Says Yes!The many benefits of having a dog are no secret to most adult dog owners like me. Kilo the Pug is my pampered, s...

Happy Mother’s Day 2017 love Kilo the Pug

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Happy Mother's Day 2017 love Kilo the PugHope all the Moms out there have a wonderful, happy day with their kids and fur kids. It is great to celebrate and be celebrated today and everyday.Kilo made his DIY ...

Iggy Joey, Mr Marcel and Jaxson The Golden dressed for Easter

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Celebrity Dogs Iggy Joey, Mr Marcel and Jaxson The Golden dressed for Easter at Canadian Pet Expo

Easter Puppies

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Rousseau and Remi dressed up in bunny ears for Easter.

Happy Valentine’s To All the Single Ladies

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Kilo the Pug Looking for Love - Happy Valentine's Day Hope you all get lots of cuddles and bacon. X Kilo the Pug

How An Amazing Blind Therapy Dog Brings Hope and Smiles to Millions

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Smiley The Blind Therapy Dog httpss:// is a completely blind fifteen year old gorgeous golden retriever who makes everyone he meets smile.We first met Smiley and his Mom Joanne o...

Helping Children Affected by Abuse, How One Dog Will Make a Difference

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Iggy From National Service Dogs Will Touch Many Young Lives.You've probably heard about National Service Dogs before, perhaps in one of our previous articles or videos like this one about a boy with autism named...

How Little Rescue Puppy Tilley Found Love and Stardom.

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   From Shelter Pup to Amazing Trick Dog. In just two years, this  adorable little rescue puppy has gone from death row to love and local stardom. httpss:// Jess, Tilley’s manager and trainer, ...

How celebrities in the music industry help rescue dogs in need

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Celebrities in the Music Industry Save Rescue Dogs' Lives. Dean Brody, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and more are helping man's best friend! It's no secret that two of the best things in life are dogs and mu...

Try Not to Laugh at this Funny Dog Meme Compilation Video

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We decided we all need this challenge today. What could make us happier than trying not to laugh at this new funny dog meme compilation video. New Funny Dog Meme Compilation Video Loo...

This Video Compilation of The Best Dog Memes is Sure to Brighten your Day

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A Video Compilation of the Best Dog Memes That Make Being Human Look Like a JokeMondays can be tough so we put together this compilation of dog memes that capture what it's like to be human (and what a laugh tha...

How and Why to Crate Train Your Puppy

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Before I started researching for Talent Hounds, I thought crates looked like cages and I was dubious about the benefits. I only used them to travel with my big dogs. However today, I believe Crate Training i...

How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

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Expert Tips & 5 Steps To Stop Your Dog From Begging Kilo the Pug is a relentless table beggar. I know this is a common issue in many households, especially around holiday season with big dinners with family and f...

What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance

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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Investment?Getting a new pet is a big commitment and unforeseen vet expenses can make that commitment a much bigger strain much quicker. There is no OHIP health coverage plan for anima...

Have You Seen the Amazing Surfing Dogs at Woofstock This Year?

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Surfing at Woofstock 2017 If you were at Woofstock this year it was pretty hard to ignore the incredible Lucy Pet Gnarly Cranking K9 Wave Maker.Hang 20! The surfing station for dogs was housed atop a trailer a...

How to Make a Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog

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Make a Simple Stylish DIY Duct Tape Bow Tie Collar Materials:  Duct TapeA measuring tapeA small, thin ribbon or strip of duct tape for middle of bowExtra ribbon to tie the bow to your dog...

How to Make Fun and Easy DIY Mother’s Day Cards

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The DIY Dogs Show Us How To Make Amazing DIY Mother's Day CardsMother's Day is quickly approaching and we can all find ourselves scrambling last minute for something to give our mothers to show that we care. Wel...

What Makes Zignature Dog Food Unique?

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Zignature Dog Food Review I met with one of our favorite brands Zignature Dog Food at the Global Pet Expo and heard about their latest varieties and about what makes them unique. I couldn't take any pro...

How to make your dog’s bath time better.

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The BISSELL Booth at Global Pet Expo. I was at Global Pet Expo in March and stopped by the BISSELL booth. I always like to hear what they are up to with their new Pet Care Products and their Foundation (see our...