Geoffrey Roche of Dogbook & 3 Million Dogs at his office

Geoffrey Roche

The Talent Hounds Crew had an entertaining time at the offices of Dogbook or now 3 Million Dogs, talking with co-founder Geoffrey Roche. As many of you probably know, Dogbook was a Facebook app for dogs and dog lovers.

Geoffrey is a very engaging speaker, being both informative and funny. He talked with the Talent Hounds crew a little about his early days working in advertising on Purina dog brands and digital projects, the start of Dogbook, and his own love of dogs.

It’s hard to imagine but Facebook was only opened to the general public late September, 2006. Geoffrey was an early adopter. He explained that he was inspired at the time by the increasingly close relationship he observed friends and family were having with their dogs. They almost seemed like cherished children to some. Geoffrey carefully observed people bringing their pets to dinner, sharing photos of them and of course talking about them on Facebook, which was rapidly becoming popular.

Dogbook started June 2007- 3 Million Members

He started Dogbook in June 2007 with his son Alexandre – a talented programmer. Anyone could join, create a dog’s profile and be a part of this social network in order to “share” their love for their dog by posting photos, “petting” him (or her), and even getting them gifts. Dogbook was an instant success with over 95,000 Members by end of that year.

Dogbook allows you to create a dog profile.

Now Dogbook boasts a community with over 3 Million Dog members and is in the process of launching a website 3 Million Dogs. Today on Dogbook, you can share news and photos, make friends, discover parks, get the latest news about other dogs, and all while you create a truly special “Memory Book” of your dog’s life. But of course, Geoffrey wasn’t content to stop there: the redesigned Dogbook Mobile app (on iPhone, iPad and coming soon for Android) now allows you to share photos, earn badges, and check in at a local park, coffee shop or even fire hydrant – anywhere, anytime.

Be sure to tune into The Pet Network for Talent Hounds (airing this spring) to hear more of Geoffrey’s observations and insights on social media and man’s changing relationship with his best friend: the dog.

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