Susan Nation of Hop To It Productions is pleased to announce the start of production on the Talent Hounds documentary, supported by national broadcaster The Pet Network.

The one-hour television documentary traces the history and humanization of dogs and their changing talents from wolves to wonder-kids.

Over the next few months, the Talent Hounds crew will sniff out a range of talents, dog breeds and training methods. They will meet entertainers, fashionistas, cuties, heroes, hunters, sled dogs, herding dogs, working dogs, service dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, athletes, performers and dogs from rescues and shelters. And, of course, the people whose lives these talented hounds enrich.

Casting Calls for talented dogs to appear in Talent Hounds will start November 9, 2012

Sign up and see your dog on TV. Details here on

Talent Hounds will be part of the strong new 2013  programming line-up from national specialty television channel The Pet Network. The Pet Network is committed to telling stories that foster compassion, care and a deeper understanding between people and their pets, so the Talent Hounds project is a great fit.

Talent Hounds is produced by Hop To It Productions and Judith Keenan of BookShorts Inc. with the assistance of  The Canada Media Fund and the Canadian Media Production Association Transmedia Production Acceleration Program.

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