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Easter Puppies

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Look at adorable Rousseau and Remi dressed up in bunny ears for Easter.


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My valentines Remi and Rousseau

Caleb the Therapy Dog

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Caleb Therapy DogI have always had a passion for animals and for helping people. When my grandfather was diagnosed and hospitalised with Alzheimers, Caleb (my dog) got a special permission to go for visits. Becaus...

Remi -dock diving

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Trying out this sport. Remi is not jumping very far yet, but we were both having fun!

Santa and his little helper

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Caleb (Santa) and Remi (Elf) are ready for the Holidays!!

Food Puzzles

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It's important to get our dogs to work mentally as well as physically. These are a few examples of fun ways to keep your pet working for their food.

Tricks for Treats

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I love working and training dogs. In this cute video you can watch both my dogs, Caleb and Remi, show off their newest tricks. They will do anything for treats!


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We are often asked to perform tricks either as therapy dogs, in kid summer camps or just in group presentations on general pet health care. When Caleb (Sheltie) and Remi (mix) wear costumes it makes everyone smile.. t...