It was a great day for finding rescue success stories as almost half of the auditions at Talent Hound’s Live Casting Call at Holiday Pet Care on December 9th were adoptions with stunning beauty, personality and talent. Cheryl Orletsky, Dog Guru and founder of Holiday Pet Care, explained, “All of our clients are really passionate about their dogs and many are also passionate about rescues!”

Even Holiday Pet Care’s director Diane Caldwell’s dog Hemi was an adoptee. Diane explained that she was shocked to have been the only person to have inquired or shown interest in taking home the lovely “mutt” Hemi. Diane had planned to get a much smaller dog in size to be a companion for her Chihuahua but couldn’t resist Hemi’s handsome face. “The Chi bosses Hemi around anyways,” Diane laughed.

One heartwarming rescue success was Smiley, a divine dog that stole everyone’s hearts on set. Smiley was born with no eyeballs, and was scheduled to be put down by his puppy-mill breeder. Thankfully, Smiley was taken in by a lovely family who paid for the surgery to have his eyes closed and gave him a loving home. Now Smiley often visits a North Toronto home for the severe mentally challenged and disabled as St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog. All love Smiley’s stunning confidence and talents.

Fanny had adopted the lovely Snowby after his original owner had planned to use the stunning Airedale Terrier as a showdog only to return him to the breeder when Snowby’s tail grew too much into a curve rather than the much lauded straighter tail demanded for “best in show.” Both the crew of Talent Hounds and Holiday Pet Careloved Snowby’s cute tail, and lavished much attention on the dog on that point.


Derek got this handsome guy named Mexico from the Northern regions of Ontario via the Moosonee Puppy Rescue through PetFinder. He explained that if it hadn’t been for the team from the rescue center, poor Mexico would have faced the fate of many dogs a year in that region who are often culled by shooting. Fortunately, many are rescued including handsome and smart Mexico.

Many other dogs present came from upstanding breeders. Kim had been thinking about getting a dog for some time when her friend, a breeder in BC, kept sending her photos of her adorable dogs. Kim was able to resist all their charms until one dog dazzled her, a Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever aptly named: Dazzle. One doggy mommy named Amanda, who had found out about the auditions from Talent Hounds facebook page, brought in her “twin” Bichon Frisés: Cotton and Sunny. Amanda’s ten year old son had named the dog Cotton because “he is so white and fluffy!” while his sister named Sunny for its disposition. Another pair of siblings Hope and Diamond also wowed the crowd with their cuteness.

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