Premiere of Rescue Dogs Rock!

The Talent Hounds new TV series launches Wednesday and Sunday nights on The Pet Network.

We showed a sneak peek of the new TV episode, Rescues Rock! at Pawsway Toronto on Sunday

TH 2photo signs at launchred carpet

Rescues Rock! celebrates rescue  dogs everywhere including: Tanum, Fishstick, Arthur, Linzy and more who have overcome adversity to dazzle with their love, tricks and talents. Adopt don’t Shop!

TH Susie-Victoria-rev

We also screened the The Puppy Love! episode features dog experts and lots of puppies. We explore why we love puppies, how to choose the right breed and responsible pet parenting.

Check out some of the stars walking the Talent Hound Red Carpet below!  And watch the Hot Diggity Video for more.

Fishstick the Rescue Pug looked right at home and stole lots of hearts.



Reta and Linzy always arrive in style!



Reta shows off her new #RescuesRock Tee that will be coming to the Talent Hounds Shop Soon! Customize one with your dog!


Producer, Director Susan and her adorable foster pug Kilo  attending his first event with other dogs- what a little star.

TH susie kilo red carpet


Kilo is sporting a very stylish Pet Network bandana.


Margaret and her fab family of doxies with moxy including: Arthur, Heidi and Pogo



Tanum couldn’t wait to see himself on TV


Marcy and the amazing Shivers, entertaining as ever. See her new trick video HERE


Plus an adorable fan!


Cameraman James and Photographer Colleen take the red carpet





THANK YOU to Sponsors and Supporters

A big thank you to Pawsway and Purina for Hosting the wonderful event, and to The Pet Network and all our funders including The CMF, The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the OMDC, Eurocan/Bullwrinkles and to everyone who contributed content, money, time, equipment, facilities and treats to help, especially all the rescues and rescue orgs, Aria Evans, James Yates, my partners Nina and Paul of Beevision Productions (editing and post production), Angela Casullo and Jeff Butler(writer and director of the trailer) on the home stretch! 

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