Pics of Your Cuties at PawsWay Talent Hounds Casting Call, Upcoming Rescue Me Adoption Weekend and more.185Scout_6071

In December, we were on location at PawsWay, Toronto filming auditions for the Talent Hounds documentary airing on The Pet Network. We had over 50 dogs and owners show up including Talent Hound fan favourites the delightful Snuggles, the cutie Zeus, Therapy Great Danes Dolce, Gabbana and puppy Divo, much loved Scout pictured above, the adorable Iz below and many other stars in our Profiles and Gallery. Also attending was the very special guy, Basil, a service dog for Autism, and his family.

Our social media manager Carrie recently visited PawsWay again to learn more about the Exhibits and Events facility situated along Toronto’s Harbourfront. During the tour, Events and Education Manager Tre Smith discussed with her some of the trends he sees in pet parenting today and some upcoming events like the Rescue Me Adoption event this weekend.


PawsWay Toronto is a center with exhibits and events for pet lovers and their pets. Pet lovers can learn from Pet Experts about responsible pet care, training, and the biological history of both cats and dogs, as well as celebrate the pets and pet heroes who have impacted human lives.


Tre pointed out that the entire facility is designed to nurture the relationship between people and pets, pointing out that as you enter PawsWay, there is even a pet friendly William’s Fresh café that allows a pet owner to grab a coffee, sit down and enjoy the moment with their pet right alongside with them.


When asked if he felt that social media was changing owners’ relationships with their dogs, Tre answered that he feels pet owners can express their love for their pets in many new ways. We agree. Now instead of just fridge and wallet photos we have Smartphones,  specialist online communities (like, Dogbook and, YouTube and Facebook.

IMG_6022 (1)

Talent Hounds asked if the rise in “pet parenting” has contributed to the success of PawsWay? Tre answered that PawsWay has had an increase of guests over the last few years, surpassing 300,000 visits in 2012 (this includes in the center and online). This might be due to the fact that responsible pet ownership is on the upswing (as opposed to the total number of dog owners) and PawsWay Toronto is proud to be a part of educating the public through their exhibits, events and class offerings like K-9 obedience, Safety, Agility, Puppy Kindergarten classes, online information portals such as & and special events such as Rescue Me , Photos with Santa, Family Day, March Break, Camp PawsWay, and more.


Tre expressed that PawsWay’s educational offerings are important because the more people that take responsible pet ownership seriously, the less we will see dogsbeing funnelled to shelters unnecessarily being funnelled to shelters unnecessarily.

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