What an amazing time we had filming for our new Campaign and TV episode Rescues Rock! We could not have done it without our amazing production team and of course, our Rock Stars!

We’d like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the talented rescue dogs and their wonderful families who came out to Pie in the Sky Studios to share their stories of successful adoption and love. 

Tim , Fishstick the pug’s dad summed up the day by saying, “I can’t imagine my life without Fishstick. If I help at least one dog get rescued I will be forever happy.” Arthur’s Mom Margaret added “When you rescue one dog, you actually save two lives. The one you adopted and the one who takes his space at the shelter or foster home”. Indica’s owner pointed out it doesn’t stop there. Indica saved her life when she had a health crisis so in fact, 3 lives were saved.

Meet the Rescues Rock! Stars:


Handsome Tanum was a rescue from The Boxer Rescue of Ontario and has been loving every moment with his forever family Watch our Hot Diggity! video recap of the All About Pets show where we first met Tanum!

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Timmy the Adorable Shih- Tzu rescue!


How cute – beautiful Mom Crista and Timmy

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Talented Trish Aleve from Pawsome Pet Photography brought her adorable well trained Talent Hounds, chihuahuas Harley and Buster, and her two fosters from The Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, (CCRT). Roxy and Diesel stole the hearts of everyone on set. This loving pair of cuties need a forever home. If you are interested in the pair and want more info click HERE 

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Linzy is a true Talent Hound and proof that Rescue Dogs really do Rock! She was rescued at the age of four by her mom Reta and was told that she would never be trainable. But Reta never gave up on Linzy and this dog certainly learned some new tricks! She has since gone on to prove naysayers wrong, with appearances on CBC as Toto and The Pet Network in Talent Hounds and more! Don’t miss Linzy in the Rescues Rock! episode!

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Tami, owner and trainer of Waterloo Dog and family were so much fun to have in studio! She brought her two rescues, a spunky Boston Terrier, Indie and young Golden Retriever, Teva and her gorgeous kids. All were super well behaved and charming.


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We met Katrina and her 2 beautiful dogs Indica and Satori at Woofstock earlier this year and were touched by her story of how her talented rescue dog Indica saved her life.The rescue became the rescuer. Hear her amazing story in Rescues Rock!

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Rescues Rock! will showcase the many talents rescue dogs have and show just how trainable these deserving dogs can be. Remi had endless energy as he leaped and ran on our set after his long drive in from Ottawa. We were so pleased to see him demonstrate his many skills with a disc and agility.

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Bobby is alot of dog to love! Dad Matthew is no stranger to rescues, he has opened his home up to countless fosters from Tiny Paws Dog Rescue for dogs in need. Although Bobbys’ paws are anything but tiny, his forever family couldn’t be happier to have him!

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Our friend Margaret from Helping Homeless Pets and Tiny Paws Dog Rescue is always a pleasure on set. She brought her four rescue dachshunds, Arthur who is no stranger to Talent Hounds. If you haven’t heard Arthurs story yet it is truly one of perseverance against odds and zest for life. His sister Heidi showed us just how fast she can move in her wheelchair while playing on set.

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Margaret is passionate to explain that her dogs are anything but disabled and the joy and inspiration they spread will never stop amazing her. Cognac and Pogo below were in full spirit giving excited kisses.

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Fishstick  the pug gives the best kisses, and loves a treat and his parents.  He was such a joy to have in the studio.  Hear his amazing story of how he ended up in the care of Pugalug Pug Rescue and finally his forever home in Rescues Rock!

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Fishstick brought his prized possession to set – a very well loved stuffed zebra pig!



Help us spread awareness and show rescue dogs can achieve anything with a little training, patience and love. Stop Puppy Mills and opt to adopt where possible.

Rescue Dogs Rock! Adopt don’t Shop!

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