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Lovely Leonberger

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Forget burgers, you need a Lovely Loving Leonberger to complete you. This friendly and intelligent giant will definitely get you active, but can also hang in front of the TV for a favourite show with you at the end of...

Loving Labrador Retriever

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You are the perfect match for a Loving Labrador Retriever. You are both real go-getters who don’t mind who wins at cards as long as everyone is having fun and there are treats to munch on. While multi-talented, you do...

Gorgeous Golden Retriever

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Friendship is golden and your perfect match is a Gorgeous Golden Retriever. You are both known to be gregarious, loving and warm. Plus you shine at most activities you tackle, particularly sports. You can be compared ...

Galloping Greyhound

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You’re a perfect match with a galloping greyhound, because let’s face it, they fit right into your uptown lifestyle. Chic, slim and clean, they like an occasional quick sprint but they are very happy curled elegantly ...

Charming King Charles Spaniel

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Congrats! You and the King Charles Spaniel found each other! Both of you are everyone’s friend and love to be around people. Plus after you leave that crumby party you finally have someone you can dish the dirt with a...

Adora-Bull American Bulldog

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The Ying to your Yang. This buddy will have your back, front, side and top. This adorable fun pup will be your best friend for life and should easily adapt to your lifestyle, enjoying sports but also cuddles on the co...