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Kilo the Pug LOVES treats and training with me so with Halloween around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to learn some Tricks for Treats and to give everyone the opportunity to win some major treats.

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Kilo the Pug Paw on a pumpkin Halloween Trick for Treats

How to Teach Your Dog Shake A Paw + Other “Paw” Tricks for Treats

Plus WIN Over $850 in Prizes #sponsored #trickortreatdogs

When we started fostering Kilo, he seemed to know “sit” but that was about his only “trick”. He was quite anxious and reactive with many strangers and needed lots of short bursts of mental stimulation as well as short walks and physical activity throughout the day.

He hated anyone touching his paws so it could be a challenge even getting his harness on and off. I decided it would be fun to teach him to “Shake Hands (or paws) “and “Hi 5″ as they are such cute tricks and the training might get him to choose to let me touch his paws and learn to trust. It has also become a great way to get distract and relax him when he meets strangers as he loves showing off for treats and he senses their approval.

I am not a professional trainer so I am just sharing what I did with Kilo which worked for us. I started by teaching him “Paw” as it seemed like that could be a great base for quite a few tricks and behaviors.

Kilo the Pug pawing my right hand for a treat

Start with basic “Paw”

  1. Sit on the floor beside your dog (or on a bench like me).
  2. Take a handful of treats and put them within your reach but out of your dog’s reach (I use kibble for Kilo or broken up bits of liver treats- he is very food motivated).
  3. Ask your dog to sit facing you (for Tips on “How to teach your dog to sit” read HERE)
  4. Hold one treat in your hand and show him the treat then close your fist over the treat.  I usually use my right hand and Kilo uses his right paw first.
  5. Hold the treat, in a closed fist close to his foot, about 5cm off the ground.
  6. If your dog stands up and starts nuzzling and sniffing your hand like Kilo did at first, you can raise the hand and ask him to sit again.
  7. If your dog lifts his paw even a little while sitting, use your marker word or clicker to tell him that is what you want and give him the treat. I tell Kilo  ‘yes’ and then call him “good boy” and praise and pat him.
  8. Most dogs will scratch at your hand to get the treat after sniffing. As as soon as the touches your hand with his paw, open your hand, use your marker word or click and give him the treat.
  9. Once Kilo started touching with his paw regularly I started naming the action “Paw” and giving him a treat.
  10. I then put a treat in my left hand and rewarded him when he offered paw towards my empty right fist and said the word “Paw”.

Once Kilo was comfortable offering his paw on his own and lifting his paw and touching my hand with his paw on command, we moved on to “Shake a Paw” and “Hi 5” which I find adorable.

TH Kilo shake a paw

Shake a Paw and Hi 5

  1. Get down and ask your dog to sit facing you.
  2. Hold a treat in your left hand. Then hold out your right hand low, open and flat towards his right paw and say “Paw’.  When Kilo lifted his paw, I grabbed it very gently and shook as I gave him the treat with my other hand and praised him.
  3. Reward your dog immediately if he does the right thing, even if he only lifts his foot a little bit or shakes briefly. Always keep training fun and positive.
  4. When Kilo was reliably lifting his paw towards my hand and letting me hold it for a treat, I added the word ‘Shake’ but I am not actually sure he remembers the word. He tends to look at my hand position and try to guess what I want. If it’s hi and on his left side, it means Hi 5 and on his right side lower it means Shake.
  5. Gradually you can reduce the treats once you are sure he knows the trick. Kilo still gets them as he likes to see there will be payment up front but he usually does a series of tricks.

Kilo the Pug pawing a skeleton hand- Tricks for Treats on Halloween

Other Cute and Cool “Paw” or “Touch” Tricks and Behaviors

Once Kilo knew “Paw”, I started directing him to paw or target things beyond my hand. Some people label this as “Touch” but I had used “Touch” for him touching his nose to me and I also figured the fewer words for Kilo to remember the better. For some targets, I put a treat under them at first, for others I lured Kilo over with a treat to show him what I wanted. He still does not do much except sit and lie down with any distance and those took a long time.  I am still not sure if he knows the words or just the hand signals. He will often experiment and offer all sorts of tricks for treats.

The “Paw” trick even at our basic level, can help:

  • closing cupboards in case you have Halloween candy or other things a greedy Pug might want to investigate.
  • putting on a Batman costume or harness. Putting his paws into anything used to be a major trauma for Kilo but now he knows what to do and is OK.
  • making his own Mummy costume out of toilet paper LOL. I may regret that one.
  • posing with pumpkins for Halloween photos.
  • pushing buttons, doorbells and light switches – good for Trick or Treating (not really- Kilo is down safe and quiet in his crate with a nice frozen Kong and a Bullwrinkles Bully Stick when the kids are coming by).
  • pretending to look in the oven or washing machine or dishwasher for our Cooking with Kilo series.
  • dancing with me, or a skeleton, or a monster and doing the Hokey Pokey.
  • waving (we’re still working on that one).
  • wiping off muddy paws – it can be rainy or even snowy in Fall here.


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I think Kilo the Pug and I would really enjoy this stimulating toy.



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  • Will G 8 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • While my dog does not know this trick it seems like something we can learn together! She can do a variety of things and about to add to her repertoire.

  • Dianne H. 8 months ago

    Yes, my girl knows this trick. I taught is the same way.

  • Christine Aiello 8 months ago

    Coco knows shake and also hi-5. I taught her them when she was a puppy.

  • Rachel Monn 8 months ago

    no we don’t know this trick but I would love for her to learn!!

  • Heather D 8 months ago

    My girl does not know this trick. She doesnt like her paws to be touched.

  • My guys know this trick, but Delilah doesn’t quite get the High-Five. I think raising the hand throws her off. 🙂

    Great trick!!

  • Rachel 8 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick. We’ve tried to teach her tricks in the past but she doesn’t pick them up.

  • Jason Diehl 8 months ago

    our dogs do not like their paws touched so we never learned this one

  • Tammy Horn 8 months ago

    Yes, my dogs know this trick, High 5, shake, give me ten, and more paw tricks. Most have been taught by capturing the behavior with a click and reward.

  • Steve Weber 8 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick or any trick.

  • we know this trick same way 🙂

  • allison hoffman 8 months ago

    yes my dog knows this

  • Cheryl Chervitz 8 months ago

    One of my three know how to shake.

  • Melissa Storms 8 months ago

    My dog knows how to shake, she actually picked it up very quickly.

  • Susan P. 8 months ago

    This is one of the few tricks my dog knows.

  • Kathy Kramer Weir 8 months ago

    We can do this

  • Barrie 8 months ago

    First off, your little guy is so cute! My dog has a basic shake. I’m teaching him the Hi 5 next!

  • Danielle Dufour 8 months ago

    Cool tips!

  • Tammy Horn 8 months ago

    Yes my dogs know this, we taught it the same way.

  • Carly Daring 8 months ago

    Cooper learned this one early on. I dont remember how we taught him.

  • my dogs don’t know this trick

  • Yes, we know this trick!

  • Linda Szymoniak 8 months ago

    Two of my three dogs are experts at shaking paws (both “shake paw” and “other paw”). My Seiji, however, is finally getting the idea, but doubt he’ll ever be “expert”. I can’t even say how I taught them. Just something all my dogs have learned.

  • Kayla Lussier 8 months ago

    My dog already knows paw and high 5 since she was 8 weeks old!

  • A favorite for grabbing and extra treat.

  • You are adorable shaking your paw. We all love to do shake, it is a proper thing to do with humans especially.

  • Cathy Oppedisano 8 months ago

    I am a dog walker and pet sitter and I don’t teach my furry friends tricks but hope to be included in these draws because my furry friends could benefit from these goodies.

  • Kim Stenner 8 months ago

    yes, dog knows this trick and many others

  • Julie-Lynne McCann 8 months ago

    ohh our little Boston Terrier is very smart and knows lots of cute tricks, he plays tricks on us sometimes!


  • Lisa M 8 months ago

    Nope, no tricks that will put my little Pug off balance. She has paralysis and needs all hands and feet on the ground to stay stabilized, but man, she loves to eat!

  • yes, all 5 have done this, but it is hard to get them to do it all at the same time 🙂

  • thomas rusinak 8 months ago

    I don’t own a dog!

  • Jennifer A 8 months ago

    Dexter kind of knows this but as “paw”. He learned it because when I would put on his harness I would say “paw” when I lifted that leg to put the harness on. I later found out if I said the word “paw” he would raise that paw up (but only on that side LOL)

  • lucy k 8 months ago

    Dog does not know this trick but is always willing to learn.

  • Yes, my dogl knows this trick. I taught is the same way.

  • Sandy Weinstein 8 months ago

    yes, my girls can shake in unison, wave, do a high five. i did it by tapping on their shoulder, lifting their paw if necessary and giving them a treat. i learned abt tapping on the shoulder, b/c this is one of the tips i learned from a man that trained and high schooled horses.

  • Carole B 8 months ago

    My cat know this trick, yes!

  • My dogs don’t know this trick yet. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • kristen visser 8 months ago

    we taught my mom and brothers dog the very same way!

  • My dogs would love this!

  • Natalie Hartmann 8 months ago

    My dogs do not know this trick.

  • Silverwolf 8 months ago

    My dog knows this trick. Its her go to when she is trying to be cute for attention,but she’ll only do it for her right paw. Its also evolved into others behaviors such as opening/closing cabinets, doors and the refrigerator to get at the treats.

  • Debbie White Beattie 8 months ago

    Yes, my dog knows how to shake a paw and we taught him with using hand signals

  • Yes very useful.

  • Edmund 8 months ago

    Don’t know the truck but luv to learn.

  • Michelle Policelli 8 months ago

    Yes, our dog knows this trick! she even knows to give her other paw when you say “other paw” to shake hands/paw.

  • Kristine Peacock 8 months ago

    My dog already knew this trick when we got him from the shelter.
    Califkitties @ gmail.com

  • Tried and true

  • Patricia 8 months ago

    My dog don’t know this truck but he’s smart . When coming in a door he will try to go ahead of you, but if we say Brutus who goes first, he steps back and lets you go first. He will lay down when told

  • Rhonda 8 months ago

    I taught my toy poodle Scarlett to shake a paw and then switch to other paw as I say to her. I taught it the same way really.

  • My dog does not know this.

  • tammy ta 8 months ago

    Yes my dog already knows this trick very well.

  • Jenn Beckett jennpup 8 months ago

    My dog does not know “Paw” or any variation, but I’ve started to try – now I have all the info. I need – thanks so much! Wish me luck!

  • Pat Schwab 8 months ago

    Our puppy does shake hand and give me her paw. I trained her with treats. My brother was a K9 officer and has trained dogs for his department and other departments over the years. He has a pure white German Shepherd named Kilo ( he used to be in charge of drugs). Why did you choose the name Kilo?

  • paige chandler 8 months ago

    Petals the Pug knows no tricks. She is a wild child. Ugh

  • MARLA R KING 8 months ago

    No….my dogs don’t know this trick.

  • For my two, I would take their paws while saying “shake a paw” and in no time they caught on.

  • Grady knows this one! We are working on expanding it to limping

  • Love the post Susan, really great instruction and love the photos! thanks for sharing.

  • ellen beck 8 months ago

    Yes Odin knows this one. It is one of his favorite things to do. He will do it saying left or right also.

  • Madison Yip 8 months ago

    My dogs do this automatically when they’re asked to sit, yes they were taught the same way.

  • Leslie C 8 months ago

    Our Pug, Mister Max knows lots of trick but my kids are the ones who taught him not me!

  • Mine can give me her paw but not high five – not yet anyway.

  • Michelle 8 months ago

    I have taught some of the trick using the clicker method.

  • Marlene v. 8 months ago

    Our dog knows shake a paw, other paw and also how to touch her nose to our hand. Lately if we hold up our hands high out of reach and ask her to touch she gives us a high 5 or 10 with her paws. We essentially trained her in the same way you did.

  • Thank you so much for this offer. My pup loves to roll over!

  • Alex S. 8 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • Kim Hamilton 8 months ago

    Not quite yet, but soon he will know tons of tricks! Slow process but worth it!

  • Diane To 8 months ago

    My dog knows this trick

  • Karley Moore 8 months ago

    My dog is all over the lace and doesn’t do tricks, but I love him!

  • Manuel Vizcaya-Lois 8 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know any tricks.

  • my dog doesn’t know this or any tricks lol

  • Calvin F. 8 months ago

    My dog liked cat doesn’t know this trick, but I might’ve gotten him to do it once 😛

  • Sadly none of them do, but they do know sit.

  • Joanne Careri 8 months ago

    My dog will love any of these prizes . He knows a few tricks already . He’s a good boy.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Brett Ardiel 8 months ago

    Peanut knows how to shake. It was the bonus rick we taught her for our Petsmart obedience class with her.

  • Justin Sparks 8 months ago

    Yes I taught my dog this trick. And she uses her other paw when I make the command on that one as well.

  • suzanne rousseau 8 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick

  • suzanne rousseau 8 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick.

  • Stephanie LaPlante 8 months ago

    One of my cats does that trick and my sister’s dog does that trick amongst others.

  • My dog does not know this trick yet

  • My dog does not know this trick

  • Tainan Lu 8 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick

  • Candice 8 months ago

    My dogs do know this trick!

  • Leland Williams 8 months ago

    Yes I have taught dog to sit and shake and stay and heel and roll over. They love to obey cause they get treats

  • Sandi Tymchuk 8 months ago

    I’m entering for my sister’s dog, a rescue fur baby.

  • Jackie 8 months ago

    My chihuahua does not give his paw on command, but he does jump up for high 10. He doesn’t like to extend his arm while sitting, but to teach high 5 with both front paws (high 10) I basically did the method you did except i would put a piece of turkey in my mouth and wait for him to jump up to grab it. Then, I started hitting both paws when he jumped up. He knows now when I put bith of my hands out that I want him to do this trick.

  • Aarone Mawdsley 8 months ago

    no my dog does not know this trick

  • Ken Willie 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick. She actually does not know any tricks.

  • Darcy Koch 7 months ago

    No. Our dog does not know this trick. We never tried teaching her, but she is very smart and would probably pick it up.

  • Starla 7 months ago

    What a cutie you have there! My dog, Bentley, does know this trick. This was one of the first few tricks that I taught him!

  • Susan Adams 7 months ago

    I have a puppy now, so this is a good reminder to start teaching him tricks beyond “sit” and “stay”.

  • My best friend*s pug would probably look incredulously if I tried to teach her. She*s really sweet, though, and really deserves a treat.

  • Deborah W. 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick. I am not sure she can learn it but she is food driven so she might do part of it.

  • alicia gordon 7 months ago

    my dog knows how to give paw and high 5!

  • Molly first learned how to shake a paw, then that moved on to high five from there. Which is one of her favorite things to do, because she thinks it means automatic treats.

  • Bo knows how to shake.My husband taught him a different way.

  • wendy hutton 7 months ago

    my dog does not know this trick

  • Betty Jane Wojnar 7 months ago


  • Lisa N 7 months ago

    My dog knows when you ask him for a paw..but
    we got him at 18 months and he had learned it as left-pawed, not right like we are.

  • Kay L Abbott 7 months ago

    Yes my min pin will do this she is very smart

  • Julie Bolduc 7 months ago

    My dog does not no any tricks lol

  • Susan Florio 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know any tricks, just the basic commands like sit, down, stay. But maybe I’ll give this a try!

  • Dwayne Berry 7 months ago

    One of my dogs does this trick. I didn’t teach it to him. He just started doing it on his own.

  • Yes he does know this trick! We did use a similar way to teach him!

  • Stacey Grantham 7 months ago

    My one year old Lab knows some tricks, but not these two. I’d love to teach him those.

  • Laurence Price 7 months ago

    Great Contest!

  • Carolyn 7 months ago

    My dog knows paw but not hi5

  • Corinne 7 months ago

    yes my dog knows this trick!

  • My dog knows how to ring a bell. He also knows few other tricks. He learns super fast

  • My dog gives paw. Yes this is how we taught him too.

  • Janet P. 7 months ago

    My dog knows how to shake a paw and knew it already.

  • she does. it was pretty much the same way

  • Joni Mitchell 7 months ago

    My dogs don’t do tricks other than rolling over to get their bellie srubbed.

  • Coco C 7 months ago

    These are so cute! My dog would love love love!

  • cassandra 7 months ago

    No Coco doesn’t know how to do this, but I’m going to print out the instructions and give it a try!

  • Beth G 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know any tricks.

  • Megan Wulff 7 months ago

    I have 4 dogs and all 4 know shake. I did use this or very similar technique when training this command. My first dog, a chihuahua/rat tarrier has by far been the fastest to catch on to training.

  • Not yet!

  • No our dog does not know this trick but it would be a good one to teach.

  • My dogs don’t know this trick yet.

  • My dogs love to shake paws!

  • Sherry K 7 months ago

    Yes, Poppy knows this trick, but we didn’t have the clicker.

  • Bridgett Wilbur 7 months ago

    My dogs don’t know any tricks yet..there just puppies.

  • Nope, no tricks around here.

  • MichelleS 7 months ago

    My sister’s dogs know how to shake-that’s the extent.

  • Kelley Moore 7 months ago

    When my fog Sugar was younger she used to sit for a treat but now that she is up in years she wouldn’t do it.

  • jane kramer 7 months ago

    Yes my dog knows this trick and taught it the same way 🙂

  • Florence Cochrane 7 months ago

    Yes our dogs knows the trick and we taught it the same way.

  • Sarah Cool 7 months ago

    My little Gidget does know this trick! And i taught her the same way

  • Tracey 7 months ago

    My dog know this trick. I adopted my dog and she already knew this trick.

  • sarah k 7 months ago

    I really wish I could teach this trick to my dogs it would probably make trimming their pads & nails less of an ordeal.

  • Jessica Whitehouse 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t do tricks.

  • mary ballerin 7 months ago

    I know how to teach shake but want to teach Hi 5, thanks!

  • Roxanne Carlson 7 months ago

    Yes my Ky knows this trick. She learned this a little differently.

  • Megan C 7 months ago

    My dog knows sit and stay. I am working with her on give paw.

  • cheryl s 7 months ago

    Roxy can give paw and shake – we taught it as a puppy the same way

  • Kate S 7 months ago

    Yes she can! One of the few ones she knows, haha.

  • Holly Guerrio 7 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick.

  • I taught Noelle this and she caught on very quickly. She is very treat motivated so that helped immensely

  • Seyma Shabbir 7 months ago

    My dog does not know this trick but I think we can learn it.

  • Robyn Bellefleur 7 months ago

    My dog does know this trick and we taught her in the same way.

  • Tricia 7 months ago

    My dogs do this trick for the old folks , they love it!

  • Grace S. 7 months ago

    My guy learned to sit and then shake because he thought he was reaching for a treat. Now he does it whenever he is asked. Prefers a treat for it though.

  • Lisa F. 7 months ago

    One of my dogs does know this trick! He is a rescue, so it’s something he was taught before.

  • james jenkins 7 months ago


  • Theresa C. 7 months ago

    My dog doesn’t know this trick – yet 😉

  • Christine 7 months ago

    Both of mine do paw and Hi-5 (sometimes it is more of a hi-10) they are also working on “touch” with their nose on a target that I can move.

  • P Dueck 7 months ago

    Great advice.

  • Jennifer H. 7 months ago

    We do teach our dog tricks.

  • John H. 7 months ago

    Yes, we do teach this trick to our dog.

  • KaylaKayla 7 months ago

    I taught these to my dogs in the same exact way! 🙂

  • Jonathan 7 months ago

    My dog loves this trick, and learned the same way!

  • Bryan Vice 7 months ago

    My dog will do handshares but thats about it lol I love my Roxie to death though. shes a big dog she weighs 90 lbs lol

  • Sarah Mayer 7 months ago

    My dog would love this!

  • Jessica Justice 7 months ago

    My dog gets excited and dances around if you put your hand close to her. lol

  • Michelle Carlino 7 months ago

    My boys so know this trick.. And they both wave bye. Used positive reinforcement in training.

  • Lily Kwan 7 months ago

    not familiar with this trick

  • Jessica Rose 7 months ago

    Nope! I never taught my dog how to do tricks!

  • Jerry Marquardt 7 months ago

    No, my pup, Don, does not know how to shake this paw of his.

  • wen budro 7 months ago

    No- my dog only knows how to roll over. I adopted her when she was an older dog……so no new tricks.

  • I’ve actually been wanting to train our dogs to learn how to shake paws (since they don’t know it yet.) Perfect timing – thanks for showing how it’s done.

  • Kristen Patton 7 months ago

    My dog knows this trick! We taught him a different way though