Winner Announced! See The Hilarious Top Entries

Thanks to all who entered our Make A Pet Card and Share The Love Contest.

We asked our visitors to get inspired by the love they feel for their pets and create a fun card.

Our good friends at Giant Step developed the Comic Reply Contest App that allows you to upload and customize a photo of your dog with fun overlays and themes.

We’re always creating fun graphics for the sites and social media so we wanted to share the joy. Kilo the Pug does not enjoy dressing up in many things so having an app where I can add fun accessories to a photo is perfect. I know I’m not the only dog mom with this problem!

Contest Winner

Make A Pet Card Contest Winner

Congratulations to our top prize winner Melissa with her hilarious photo “The Bayou Boys”!  See more of her handsome dogs Bentley and Pierre on her blog Barking From The Bayou.

Top Make A Pet Card Entries

Here are our favourite cards from the contest that made us smile. We’d like to give a BIG thank you to our blogger pals Marcy, Fidose of Reality, M.K. Clinton, Bryn and Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs for entering and sharing their hilarious cards.

Mud Boy is Looking Good! by: Dexter

“Mud Boy Is Looking Good!” By: Dexter

Pug and Chi Looking Good For Pet Card

By: Frank

Cute Pug Says Hey I Love You For Pet Card

“Frank The Tank” By: Frank

Sleeping Fluffy Puppy Wishes Happy Mothers Day On Pet Card

“Mother’s Day Snooze” By: Morganna

Two Dogs Say I Love You For Pet Card

“Best Buds” By: hayley and sayler

Prince Tribute Pet Card By MK Clinton

“Tribute To The Late Prince” By: Jo

Happy Mothers Day Pet Card of Dog Cooking

“Kitchen Helper” By: Jo

Jo-Ann's Party Animal Pet Card

“Party Animal” By: Jo

Two French Bulldog Pet Card

“Up To No Good” By: Bean

Cute Puppy Pet Card

“What’s Up!?” By: Chloe

Marcy's Pet Card

“Happy Mother’s Day” By: Marcy

Tiffany's Diamond Dogs pet Card

“Juliet Looking For Her Romeo” By: Tiff N Bella

Rocker dog Pet Card

“Rock N Roll” By: Savoie

Tinker Beau Card

“Looking Good BeauBeau!” By: TinkerBeauBeau

Kilo Mother's Day Card

“Kilo’s Mother’s Day Card”

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