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Sniper is a 3 year old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He was adopted as a puppy from a family that could not handle his energy level or meet his needs. Thankfully for me - this awesome boy was everything I w...


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Kallie does many different things. She preforms countless tricks, does agility, disc, and dock dogs. We hope to also start flyball this winter. Kallie also has a very special job as a service dog in training. She is l...


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Surfing, modeling, many tricks, hand singles, therapy dog


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My dog's talent is being handsome.Harper's talents are not from training so much as instinctive behaviour. E.g., I didn't train him to jump or run like the wind, he just does that naturally. Likewise, I didn't t...


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Maverick is a smart well trained mid energy dog. He can perform all basic commands and is highly motivated by treats or rewards (tennis ball).Sit, Stay, Come, Lay down, Fetch, Leave it, Up (jump up onto a surface...


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Hey there!My name is Lottie and I'm a 1 year old border collie. Alongside being an aspiring dog actress, I know tons of tricks and also participate in many dog sports! I know over 100 tricks including some of my ...

Callie pi

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Jack of all trades, master of none


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Buddy is a show off. Buddy has been doing Agility for over a year. Not such a big deal I guess But when he does his Agility he turns everyones head because of his size and attitude he is only 2 1/2 lbs of LOVE he kn...


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Tucker is an Ontario dock dog, he's the #1 junior jumping dog in Canada!


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Cute and smart dog Sophie hits it out of the park in Talent Hounds audition. She can understand commands like hit the button and find and retrieve. So obedient and well trained. Talent Hounds was on set at All About ...


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Simba, a cockapoo mix with a bit of golden retriever and papillon, shows off her sweetness and athleticism at The Talent Hounds Audition! What a sweetie!


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Super cute singing dog Kaia has lots of cool tricks and is a very experienced and accomplished agility dog.


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