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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Lottie
Home Town: Lively, ON
Dogs Breed: Border Collie
Description of Talent:

Hey there!

My name is Lottie and I’m a 1 year old border collie. Alongside being an aspiring dog actress, I know tons of tricks and also participate in many dog sports! I know over 100 tricks including some of my high flying stunts! I can jump over 4.5″ and do fun flips in the air!

I have performed in one comercial before when I was 10 months old. I found it a great experienced and worked well around all the people and commotion!

Although I still haven’t officially competed in agility, I can confidently run through a course with great speed!

MUSH! Yup! I’m also a sled dog! Me and my brother are fast and fearless! Reaching speeds of over 39 km/h with a sled behind them! We’ve completed courses up to 6km long with ease.

Some more dog sports I participate in include, disc dog, freestyle dog dancing, dock diving, and obedience!

I’m a versitile, hard working, and quick learning girl! Willing to travel anywhere I’d be a great addition to any event, film, or performance!


Dogs Age: 1
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Border Collie
Dogs Size: Medium
Awards: Advanced level trick dog

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Lottie
Trainer: Taylor
Training Facility:
Vet: Walden animal hospital

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Royal Canin
Favourite Treat: Bacon
Favourite Toy: Frisbee
Favourite Dog Park: Sudbury dog park
Favourite Pet Store: Petsmart
Favourite Clothing: Pet depot



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