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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Sniper
Home Town: Richmond Hill, ON
Dogs Breed: Border Collie x Cattle Dog
Description of Talent:

Sniper is a 3 year old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He was adopted as a puppy from a family that could not handle his energy level or meet his needs. Thankfully for me – this awesome boy was everything I was looking for in my next sport dog!

Sniper is an incredibly athletic, quick, and talented agility and disc dog. He shows his enthusiasm in many different ways, but the one he is often known for is his VOICE! He can do a number of tricks and is currently learning more. He competes in agility, and has performed in disc. Currently we are working towards a freestyle disc routine because with his amazing high jumping, he is a natural.

Sniper does everything at one speed – as fast as a speeding bullet!


Dogs Age: 3
Dogs Gender: Male
Dogs Breed: Border Collie x Cattle Dog
Dogs Size: Medium

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Shelley V. Paterson
Training Facility:

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Acana
Favourite Treat: HAM
Favourite Toy: Disc
Favourite Dog Park:
Favourite Pet Store:
Favourite Clothing:



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