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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Chewy
Home Town: Edmonton, AB
Dogs Breed: Lab X
Description of Talent:

Chewys best talent is learning new things. Be it turning on our bath taps for a drink, or opening a door she is constantly working her mind to teach us new ways to teach her.

We haven’t tapped I to her true abilities due to time and our schedules but by 12 weeks she had mastered the”play dead”, “left turn, right turn”, “shake”, ” chill” and “wait” commands.

We are eager to teach her new things and as she is very reward oriented (balls, treateds and affection) would do well in any type of arena; photography, film and athletics!


Dogs Age: 1
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Lab X
Dogs Size: Medium

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Britt
Training Facility:

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Peanut Butter
Favourite Treat: Peanut Butter
Favourite Toy: Anything I can chew or fetch!
Favourite Dog Park: Lac Lacombe St Albert
Favourite Pet Store:
Favourite Clothing:



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