Added by Tracy of 250 on 2012-12-19

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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Amy
Home Town: Brampton, ON
Dogs Breed: Beagle
Description of Talent:

I Entered Amy as a cutie because she just has that something about her that makes people go Awww! Specially guys, I mean all guys, young or old adore her! In her video clip I have her Bahooing her heart out for you because its just soo cute! Her beg, even her stubburness is adorable (however counterporductive to training lol ) She has the biggest brown eyes and the cutest wiggle. When she meets new people that little bum of hers goes wild! Shaking too and fro while she screams “come and see me”. Unfortunatly I didn’t get that in the clip because there is no one new around to see her lately 🙁 but I did my best to show her cuteness off to you. Please don’t penalise her for my lack in making a good video. She would have auditioned live but she was injured at the time sadly 🙁 but now is all better 😀
Thank you


Dogs Age: 3
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Beagle
Dogs Size: Small

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Tracy
Trainer: Trevor
Training Facility: Olympus
Vet: Cheltenham veterinary centre
Insurance: Petsecure

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Evo-red meat
Favourite Treat: Jumbobones
Favourite Toy: blue ball with feet and fuzz around it
Favourite Dog Park: Heritage
Favourite Pet Store: rens depot
Favourite Clothing: Petsmart



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