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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Little Alex
Home Town: Toronto, ON
Dogs Breed: Labrador
Description of Talent:

Little Alex Audition at Who’s Walking Who in Ajax.

Little Alex’s talents need open spaces. He excels at competing in disc dog with his own little flare (has a hilarious “happy” run). He can cruise through an agility course with surprising control…Normally just has one speed at the prak…FAST.

Alex came into rescue with his sister Aurora. Dog – Ma Pet Rescue recieved them as very young pups from an Indian Reservse. Aurora was adopted but little Alex stayed behind as he kept getting ill everytime he was put up for adoption…Tons of testing came up with no answers, so we kept him…and he has been a great addition to our family. Quite a cuddler.


Dogs Age: 3
Dogs Gender: Male
Dogs Breed: Labrador
Dogs Size: Medium

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Kate Gartley
Trainer: My mom 🙂
Training Facility: Who's Walking Who Dog Training Centres
Vet: Bayview Village Veterinary Clinic

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food:
Favourite Treat: Anyting w salmon...YUM stinky fish.
Favourite Toy: Hands down the frisbee.
Favourite Dog Park:
Favourite Pet Store:
Favourite Clothing:



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