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Frankie is a very socialable and active dog. She's very expressive and gets along with just about any dog or person. She is very good with small puppies and children.She's a mix with purebred Boxer (Mother) and ...


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Ozzy is such a loveable and well mannered dog. He will do anything to please you, especially if you have a Ozzy will play dead when shot with your finger, he will hold food on his nose or paw until he is ...

Muttley Cyrus

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Muttley Cyrus know stick em up bang dead, roll over, crawl, kiss, scratch, turn right, turn left, spot sit , spot down, leg turns, hold items in mouth, walk the dog, close door, tidy up, fetch and take, hide and seek,...


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Max is an excellent choice for casting in advertising print ads, tv commercials, tv shows, movies, and anything requiring a dog. He is a registered therapy dog and has many different looks. A full grown hair look (mak...

Dutch Dog Ollie

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People make him special Like a real hero But if you got to know him He is a big zero He can not do one dogtrick He can not give a paw The only thing he can Is being beautiful

Flynn Seamus O’Flannigan “Flynn”

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I've had him for 6 months adopted from a Rescue. His talents are continually unfolding but its all about humour. He has this innate ability to read people's energy knowng that they want attention or that they want to ...


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Brutus is a very happy and loving dog. He does all your basic tricks - sit, paw, high five, sit pretty, wait, stay, go potty, plays dead, and waits. He's a mr fancy pants. He is a good dresser and very good at being a...


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Autumn is a Red Tri Australian Shepherd. Autumn is my first Australian shepherd, Robin founder of Robin Australian shepherd’s knew she was meant for me the moment she was born. Autumn is a fiery red head that lives to...


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Ranger is 1 year old black tri australian shepherd, he knows over 100 tricks and loves to preform! We love to train in freestyle, Agility, Rally-O and Flyball ! Ranger has seven titles CGN(Canine Good Neighbour), HIC(...


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Lyra is a charismatic Diva cutie! From a doggie orphanage, Lyra is now so happy to be with her furever home.Lyra is particularly talented at chasing squirrels, terrorizing toys and reigning as queen of the dog pa...


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Dice is a been there done that dog, although he is still a puppy, he is a therapy dog in training, has done dock diving, agility, training in sledding, and knows 41 tricks!


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Lacie may be small in size but she is big in talent. To think that 4 years ago I simply wanted a little dog to have and to hold….and I received sooooo much more. She has mastered over 100 tricks, performing for youn...


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Yes- Super talented dog Snuggles skateboards and does tricks. So obedient and well trained!
 Snuggles is involved in competitive obedience as well as the sport of Schutzhund and does many tricks, including skateboard...


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Stella, the gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog pup, amazed the crew with her smarts, sweetness and savvy at such a young age.


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Roxy is such a great dancer and jumper. What a great audition for Talent Hounds.


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Super cute puppy Java spins, dances, talks and gives paws. Java also loves a tummy rub. Such an adorable dog.

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