Added by Melissa Millett of 49 on 2012-11-21

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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Bella
Home Town: London, ON
Dogs Breed: Boston Terrier
Description of Talent:

Rescued from an ex-boyfriend, Bella is an entertainer with the Ultamutts Dog Trick Show traveling all over Ontario. She is one talented dog! Some of her many tricks include skateboarding, holding a handstand against a wall, balancing on her humans feet or shoulders, jumping into her humans arms, holding hotdogs without eating them, walking tightropes and soon she will learn to ride the bike that her human is having re-framed to fit her. Bella volunteers her time for charity by collecting money to put in a basket as a fund raising effort for animal rescue organizations and working as a therapy dog visiting children in a women’s shelter weekly to perform her tricks and cuddle. She has been featured on CP24 Weekend Edition Breakfast Show and The Rick Mercer Report!


Dogs Age: 3
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Boston Terrier
Dogs Size: Small

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Melissa Millett
Trainer: Melissa Millett
Training Facility: In Dogs We Trust
Vet: London North Animal Clinic

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: Hot Dogs!
Favourite Treat:
Favourite Toy:
Favourite Dog Park: Greenway Park
Favourite Pet Store: Global Pet Foods
Favourite Clothing:



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