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LInzy Over the Rainbow 2
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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Linzy
Home Town: Georgetown, ON
Dogs Breed: Dacksy/Shnauzer/Lhasa
Description of Talent:

Linzy won the title of “Toto” on CBC’s
“Over the Rainbow” Nov 4, 2012. She completed challenges in a photo shoot, agility, dancing, stunt dogs, riding in a basket on a bicycle and told to jump “out” CBC required long sit stays of 15 to 20 minutes. She sneezes, scratches on command and does many tricks like dead, rollover, paw to foot, lay down and up down and others.
Linzy had two homes before ours and was almost 4 before we were lucky enough to get her. She knew nothing but was eager to learn. She’s a gentle, smart, bright enthusiastic dog. Everyone at CBC loved her.


Dogs Age: 6
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Dacksy/Shnauzer/Lhasa
Dogs Size: Small
Awards: Won "Toto" on CBC "Over the Rainbow"

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Owner: Reta Flinders Thompson
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  • JoAnne stubbs 5 years ago

    Linzy is a talented girl, and so cute looking and well trained too. I sure think she would do a great job.

  • Vivian hould 5 years ago

    Like it!