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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Max
Home Town: Thunder Bay, ON
Dogs Breed: Mix
Description of Talent:

Max is an excellent choice for casting in advertising print ads, tv commercials, tv shows, movies, and anything requiring a dog. He is a registered therapy dog and has many different looks. A full grown hair look (makes him look old and wise, good for family dog looks), a shaved look (makes him look young, good for energetic, athletic roles) and a mohawk look (good for rebel type roles or as uniquely cute look!). He is 8 yrs old, extremely intelligent with quick recall and easy to train. He understand spoken and non spoken commands and is very laid back and good with all other animals and children.


Dogs Age: 8
Dogs Gender: Male
Dogs Breed: Mix
Dogs Size: Medium

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Sydney Schell
Training Facility:

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food:
Favourite Treat:
Favourite Toy:
Favourite Dog Park:
Favourite Pet Store:
Favourite Clothing:



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