Added by Tina Wang of 149 on 2012-12-06

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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Riley
Home Town: Davis, CA
Dogs Breed: Terrier Mix
Description of Talent:

I adopted my dog when he was 2-4 years old. Within two months after adoption, he learned the following:sit, down, stay, bed, jump through a hula hoop or human arm hoop, spin, roll over, play dead, bow, treat on nose, shake, shy, and much more. I’ve had him for two years now, and he has learned additional things such as turning on lamps, taking my socks off and putting them into the laundry bin.


Dogs Age: 4
Dogs Gender: Male
Dogs Breed: Terrier Mix
Dogs Size: Medium

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: Tina Wang
Training Facility:

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food:
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Favourite Toy:
Favourite Dog Park:
Favourite Pet Store:
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