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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Olivia
Home Town: London, ON
Dogs Breed: Pure breed yellow lab
Description of Talent:

Olivia aka Miss O and I have been paired up for a little more then 3 years! She is my seeing eye dog and I couldn’t be happier having her in my life. She is very well trained to do exactly what I need her to do and I have even been able to add to her training over the last few years as well:) Olivia has the capability to distinguish/find garbage cans and recycle bins. She can also find chairs, tables, certain friends and family that I hang out with a lot, bus stops, traffic light button poles, starbucks (mmm coffee is a student best friend) and an array of other items throughout my community. Miss O is very gentle and cautious and I love her for this. She keeps me safe and sound. Guide dogs like Miss o are awesome because it helps and is a great ice breaker so I have been able to meet a lot of new friends and people throughout the last few years who I am very happy to have in my life! Olivia is a true star. Ask anyone that knows Miss O and they would say she is the world greatest guide dog:)


Dogs Age: 4
Dogs Gender: female
Dogs Breed: Pure breed yellow lab
Dogs Size: Medium

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Owner: Emily Trepanier
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