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Talented Pomeranian Dog Duke Louis V

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Duke Louis V the Pom shows off Talents Duke is a talented well-trained Pomeranian. He has won 5 Northern California Talent Contests (including the Bay Area Pet Expo with over 10,000 attendees) and a pet photo contest...


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Sam knows over 350 tricks and cues from Walking a top of an exercise ball, Wrapping herself in a blanket, Skateboarding, Double Dutch, Blowing Bubbles underwater, Handstand, Playing Piano, Growl or Howl on command, H...


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Maya is an incredible 3 year old Siberian husky. She knows many tricks/behaviors. She loves performing and we compete in agility and conformation. She loves fly ball, disc(beginner) and this summer we started doing do...


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Miss Charlee can blow bubbles in water.


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Joey is a two year old Border Collie that knows over 100 tricks and behaviors! She also currently participates in a sport called flyball, and is training for disc, canine freestyle, dock diving, and agility. Joey has ...


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Sheby is a 3 year old bichon that loves to perform and show off she can do about 90 tricks to see her do more check out her YouTube xx ;)


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Cohen is a dog of many talents. Agility, flyball, obedience, rally, Woofjocks and TRICKS. She knows over 100, and has some pretty unusual ones. She can do a walking handstand, beg during a foot stall, hug her favourit...


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Noah is pup full of character... He's full of energy but can also be just as lazy as he looks. He loves to watch tv; sports and action movies are his favorite. Loves to cuddle but will let you know when he want's ...

“Crazy” Capone

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Capone just had his first birthday and celebrated with a juicy steak dinner. He comes in a little leggy package but he is huge in everything that he does! He earned his novice trick dog title at just 11 weeks old an...


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Mickie is a true trickster! He was seen on the CTV Children's Christmas Telethon with his sister Maya and his buddy Hero. Mickie has been performing all summer long. He knows many tricks/behaviors. Mickie is competing...

Gracie Roche

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Gracie knows many tricks. She's a very quick learner. Gracie played the star role in a movie called Wiener Dog Nationals. She has the sweetest disposition and has high energy. She loves meeting people and wearing cost...


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My dog Oliver knows a lot of tricks! He knows about 12 tricks, his tricks include; Shake-A-Paw, High Five, Target, Hide Your Eyes and my personal favourite, Who Wants One? (he raises his paw). (The video is a few mont...

Sheby star

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Sheby is a happy dog that loves everyone and she just loves to do tricks and show off


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Roscoe loves to learn tricks and show them off to anyone for any food :-) He also has a crazy grip on his toys once he latches could hang him up or swing him around, he won't let go!!


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Wally knows basic obedience, your typical sit, down, stay and come, but at a distance. He also knows quite a few tricks from standing on my feet, weaving, walking on his hind feet, and spinning, all the way to cleani...


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Brody is titled as an Expert Trick Dog, he knows well over 100 tricks and is close to completing his Champion Trick Dog Title. Brody will be performing at the State Fair next month and along with being a talented pai...

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