Added by marcia strong of 65 on 2012-11-24

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Audition Profile

Dogs Name: Carbon
Home Town: pickering, ON
Dogs Breed: shih poo
Description of Talent:

On top of being an award winning grooming competition dog. He can catch any toy, he swims better than any retriver, he can give hugs high fives do spins speak on command roll over play dead lots of other things as well he is one smart little dog!


Dogs Age: 5
Dogs Gender: Male
Dogs Breed: shih poo
Dogs Size: Small
Awards: first place big air dock diving, third and second place in grooming competitions

My Head Shots

My Family

Owner: marcia strong
Trainer: my mom!
Training Facility: my home!

My Favourite Things

Favourite Food: whatever his boxer brother is eating
Favourite Treat: bull winkles
Favourite Toy: tennis ball especially if it squeaks!
Favourite Dog Park: green wood
Favourite Pet Store: pet valu
Favourite Clothing:



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