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Remembering an amazing dog with love and moving forward

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Bocker's Spirit and Legacy of Spreading Love Live OnAt Talent Hounds, our mission is to inspire, educate, entertain and connect dog lovers. We explore how dogs enrich our lives and how to bring out the best in...

Are Dogs Really Good For Kids?

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Everyone Knows Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, But Are They Also A Kid's Best Friend? Science Says Yes!The many benefits of having a dog are no secret to most adult dog owners like me. Kilo the Pug is my pampered, s...

How An Amazing Blind Therapy Dog Brings Hope and Smiles to Millions

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Smiley The Blind Therapy Dog httpss:// is a completely blind fifteen year old gorgeous golden retriever who makes everyone he meets smile.We first met Smiley and his Mom Joanne o...

What I Did When I Found Out My Dog Bocker Had Cancer

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When Marie found out Bocker had Lymphoma, their lives changedThere's no easy way to find out your best friend or family member is sick. Our wonderful friend Marie (celebrity therapy dog Bocker Labradoodle's Mom) ...

Is There Hope For My Dog With Lymphoma?

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The short answer is YES, there is hope if your dog has Lymphoma.Cancer is a group of unhealthy cells that either stay in one place (benign tumors) or spread throughout the body (malignant). Lymphoma is one of the ...

Do You Know What A Dog Can See?

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Dog Vision DemystifiedAre You Curious What Your Dog Can See? I was super curious about whether Kilo the Pug could see different colors or watch TV or see himself in the mirror. So how does a dog see colors? Can ...

How These Amazing Service Dogs and School Programs Helps Make the Lives of Kids Better

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COPE Service Dogs in Training Are Helping Keep Kids in SchoolWe had the pleasure of meeting Jane Boake the founder and chair of COPE Service Dogs recently and the chance to see the various COPE school programs w...

13 Important Dog Heat Safety Tips For Summer

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NO HOT DOGS PLEASE!13 Important Dog Heat Safety Tips For Summer Including What NOT to Do.Short Nosed Breeds Like Kilo the Pug Are Extra Vulnerable So We asked a Vet About Heat Safety For Dogs. It is important...

What Makes These Dogs Hall of Fame Heroes Will Inspire You

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The 2017 Purina Animal Hall of Fame InducteesWe had the great honor of getting to sit down with some Canadian canine heroes last week at Purina PawsWay. Three dogs were inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame...

What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?

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What Makes a Good Therapy Dog? We've featured many amazing therapy dogs and service dogs making a difference over the years on our site, at events, and in our documentary series.httpss://

What Are The World’s Most Intelligent Dog Breeds, And Why?

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The World's Most Intelligent Dog Breeds: Does your dog make the list? I am always inspired by the incredibly smart dogs we know and the difference they each make in somebody's life. Have you ever wondered exactly ho...

Do You Know The Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers?

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Top Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers We Know Today we wanted to share some of the top dog trainers we know who use positive reinforcement techniques to train dogs. From amazing tricks to correcting even the most s...

Meet “Dog Of The Day” Bridgette The Therapy Bulldog

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Meet Our "Dog Of The Day" Bridgette the English Bulldog A St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Today we are inspired again by the human-animal bond and the ability of dogs like Bridgette to help people of all ages...

How Amazing Dogs Are Helping Patients In Hospitals

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Why A Passion for Pets Builds a Better World Dogs Are Helping Patients Heal In Hospitals. Given our interest in the human-animal bond, the panel by Dr. Kurt Venator was one of the most interesting at the 2016 Purina...

Purina Helps Build A Better World For People and Pets

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How Purina Is Helping Build A Better World For People and Pets Over the holidays, I was working on my business strategy and my friend asked me "What is the essence of what you do and like? How do you know if a projec...

How To Help Kids And Dogs Interact Safely

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Important For Kids: How To Interact Safely With DogsWe all love dogs and when we’re out and about and see a real cutie it’s easy to forget that not all dogs are sociable. Kilo the Pug looks little and sweet (as...

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