Check out our selection of 20 Top Dog Videos. We have added them all on our Talent Hounds YouTube Channel Subscribe today!

Share your favourite dog videos with us, let us know if we missed any. Enjoy:

Porter The Driving Dog- Adopt & Support Rescues!

Mishka the Husky Dog saying I love you (85 million views)

Adorable Dog and Giggling Baby in the Bath (70 million views)

Tillman the skatboarding Bulldog (over 20 million views)

Ashliegh and Pudsey the dancing dog – Britain’s Got Talent Audition 2012

A Sad Dog Diary (over 4 million Views)

Ultimate Dog Tease

Denver The Guilty Dog (28 million Views)

God Made A Dog (over 2 million Views)

2 Dogs Dining – (over 20 million views)

Dog Dancing Merengue (17 million views)

Funny Talking Dogs

Rescuing Bethany (almost 1 million views)

Dog versus balloons 11 (over 7 million views)

Military reunions with best friends (over 8 million views)

Dalmation Riding a Bike

Boo, the Fluffiest Dog You Will Ever See! (over 13 million views)

Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog (over 31 million views)

Cute Pugs Tilting Heads (over 5 million views)

Chi doing Yoga Class (over 1 million views)

Cat versus Dog- Nana over 1 million views


Plus special mentions for our friends Dexter, Louie and Bella our own 5 most popular videos

Terrier Rap- Dexter’s RuffLife

Heartwarming story of boy with autism and his Dog NSD Chester (over 7,000 views)

Romeo & Juliet (over 5,000 views)

The “My Dog” Music Video (over 3000 views)


The Great Catsby- Classic Tail

Talented Boston Terrier Bella does amazing Tricks

Louie the Boston Terrier Singing (almost 1,000 views)


Dancing Golden Retriever amazes

Share your favourite dog videos and comments with us.

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