National Service Dogs for Autism Improve Lives of Families

Dogs Working to help Families


April is Autism Awareness Month so we wanted to focus on some wonderful Talented Hounds and people we met through National Service Dogs (NSD). They are featured in the Talent Hounds film.

4K6C6400Since 1996, NSD have been dedicated to enriching the quality of life of children and families living with autism and special needs. Over the last 16 years they have pioneered a training program breeding and training Certified Service Dogs then matching them with families all across Canada. To date, they have graduated over 250 Certified Service Dogs Teams all thanks to the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and donations.

Each year NSD welcomes 40 to 60 adorable new puppies into the program. They begin their basic training during their 18 months with a foster family, before graduating to working with professional trainers for 4 to 6 months. Following Advanced Training, each NSD dog is then strategically placed with a child based on the temperament of the dog and child, and the family’s lifestyle. Once the dog is paired with a child, NSD trainers work with the family to help establish the bond, believing a strong bond is crucial to a good working team.


For many families, these amazing canines are invaluable. They can help increase socialization and safety, enhance learning abilities, improve sleep habits and suppress behavioral outbursts in children living with autism. NSD’s dogs can also encourage and teach responsibility and build independence. NSD provides continuous follow up and support to families during the eight to ten year working life of each dog.

Talent Hounds showcases the inspiring story of the Carefoot family and NSD Chester. Chester has brought freedom, harmony and many of the other benefits above to six year old Max and his family.

Watch the clip from Talent Hounds on NSD Chester and the Carefoots here.


Be sure to check out other wonderful success stories and NSD events such as their upcoming Motorcycle Ride for Autism & Veterans, and Mantracking events here.

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We are delighted to announce that we will be doing further films and stories on Service and Therapy Dogs so please Submit your Dogs here and send us your stories here or through the Talent Hounds Facebook Page.


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