Happy Halloween Dogs and Dog Lovers

Be Safe, Have Fun, Look Good

Kilo the Pug Dressed as Batman


Kilo the Pug is invited to a Happy Halloween Party at Purina Pawsway Toronto then to the  Pugoween fundraiser for PugALug Pug Rescue Sunday. He has multiple comfy, funny outfits so we’ll see how he goes. If he gets too stressed we’ll just walk along the waterfront but I think he might actually enjoy Pugoween.

Kilo the pug dressed as super man

My super hero

What will your dog be this year? Send us your pics and ideas to be included in the gallery started below.

Kilo the Pug dressed as a minion

My Minion

Be Careful

Halloween is such a fun time of year. We all get to dress up and eat (or drink) treats. But it’s important to know that it can be a dangerous and stressful night for dogs.

  • strangers come to the door.
  • unsafe goodies are everywhere.
  • lots of commotion.
  • they may have to wear a costume they are not comfortable in.
 Kilo the Pug as a pumpkin for Halloween

My little Pug-kin

Stay safe this Halloween by making sure your dog doesn’t escape out the door or ingest anything they shouldn’t including chocolate, chewing gum or sugar free candy, decorations, or costume pieces (contact a vet or the ASPCA Hotline immediately if they do). Halloween i the seond most common time for dogs to get lost after July 4th and a very common time for poisoning.

If your dogs is Trick or Treating, make sure they only eat safe dogs treats (we recommend our local Bullwrinkles and Barnsdale Farms treats and chews)

For a full list of harmful food to keep away from your pet & halloween safety  tips visit the ASPCA’s site HERE Remember : Safety first!

Kilo the pirate in trick bandana

My tricky little pirate

Tips to keep your Dog Safe and Happy.

  • Don’t leave your pet unsupervised or in a high traffic area.
  • Do not leave treats or snacks within reach. Kilo will steal chocolates, wrapper and all.
  • Watch the door if you are opening and closing and they are loose.
  • Make sure their tags are up-to-date, detailed and on. Remember to license and microchip your pet and keep current. We are trying a new mobile tracker too this year (more details to come)
  • Choose pet clothing that is safe and fun. Make sure your dog can easily stand, sit, lie down, walk, and use the bathroom at any time if wearing a costume.
  • If there are things sewn onto the outfit, your pet may try to eat them and get really sick.
  • Probably better not to, but make sure if you do take them out that they are wearing reflective collars and gear. Keep them on a leash during Halloween!
  • If your pet doesn’t like getting dressed up, don’t force him or her. Opt for a simple bandana or collar or harness instead

Kilo will be on his leash or in his crate with soft music away from the action while kids are trick or treating. Otherwise I know he might get into mischief as he did in this video https://crashthesuperbowl.doritos.com/video/745

Kilo with dorritos

Gallery of Top Halloween Costumes for your Dog

Featuring some Talent Hounds cuties and others posing in their best costumes and some suggestions from our business members!



SAMSUNG  super-smiley


photo 3

Thing One, Thing Two




Cute Critters

164-200-ru887809    IMG_0495_2-954x1024-1   pet-butterfly-costume-1   froggy eyes

Cowboy Dog






1002428_10151648726503724_1655695920_n  sweetie 3  IMG_5003


200-166-ru887852yoda-dog-costume ewok-pet-costume



Geisha Dog

TH Woofstock Geisha

Ghostbusters Dog



IMG_2068-640x480 IMG_2455-640x480 Pirate 1



Dino- Dog

200-131-cc20109     dino-pet-costume      stegosaurus-dog-costume

Party Animal


Fairy or Leprechaun

Leprachan Fairy  1382293_10200865117456748_1871999735_n  IMG_4992    rainbow-fairy-wings-pet-costume


IMG_1058  P45x4

Dog Mob Boss and Gangsters

082A3482  1-1_resize-1


French Maid

Molly Maid 3

Mini Mouse!

IMG_4994  1379985_553428738062584_1454521800_n

Pet Network fans


What’s your dog going to be this year? Share your photos and costume ideas with us!

Check out Pet Guide, and all the blogs in the Halloween Hop for more great costumes for your pet!

Plus have a chuckle at https://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseamarshall/one-sad-pug-in-21-adorable-hats

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  • That is a barrage of adorable costumed doggies. And great tips… some dogs like to dress up and some don’t, just like people!