The Talented Olate Dogs Are More Than Performers


Today we are totally inspired. We celebrate the human-animal bond and talented rescue dogs in our interview with the amazing Olate Dogs, who we watched win the seventh season (2012) of America’s Got Talent.

Olate Dogs perform a high-energy, fast-paced theatrical show filled with amazing dog tricks that delight live and TV audiences around the world. The American trick dog act is led by Richard Olate and his son Nicholas Olate and features many dogs from rescues and shelters. This helps shed stigma and promote positive training and adoption which we love.


The History of Olate Dogs 

Richard grew up in South America in a poor family as a third generation circus performer. 

“I grew up very, very poor and I began training stray dogs in Chile. I found that I was very good at it and it gave me a great deal of satisfaction and self-worth. I had no idea it would lead to the $1Million win on a TV show in America, but if you dream big and work hard, good things can happen to good people.” 

I am particularly impressed by Richard’s accomplishments as I lived in Chile for several years. My younger daughter was born there and my older daughter currently works there at a Not For Profit called J-PAL – the Poverty Action Lab, with the mission of reducing poverty. I saw first hand the number of stray dogs and adopted my wonderful lab chow mix Isabelle, there.

Olate Dogs

He was performing since he was only 12, and his through hard work and dedication, he made it to the United States by the age of 33. Today he runs his own dog variety show with four completely different dog acts and can be seen at NBA halftimes or touring the country making audiences of all ages laugh and smile.

Winning America’s Got Talent

Love this video every time I watch it.
We asked the troop how winning the seventh season (2012) of America’s Got Talent and the huge grand prize has affected their act.
“Winning America’s Got Talent gave us the exposure and confidence to begin our residency in Las Vegas, which turned us into a successful touring act. We do so many sold-out dates every year now, it’s very exciting. We have new sponsors and are working with Rescue Shelters and adoption places all over the country. We just got invited to do some shows in France and in Europe, too. The sky is the limit for us!”

Rescue Dogs Rock!


Olate Dogs include many rescue dogs from all over the US and the world in their troop. Olate Dogs are a family of dog enthusiasts and dog lovers who love to showcase talents of dogs. Shows like theirs prove that rescue dogs can be trained which is a message we love to share too.
“This is my life and I take my responsibility as a spokesperson for the Olate Family Dogs and Rescue Shelters very seriously. We love our doggies. They are a part of us. I Love Rescue Dogs because I want all animals to have a loving home. Many of our dogs that perform in the show are in fact rescue dogs… and they do ROCK! All dogs can be trained. They just need patience and love… and food! Don’t forget the food. They Like that!”

 Training For Shows


Richard and  Nicholas use positive reinforcement training techniques including love, affection, lots of patience and lots of treats to train their dogs for shows. Plus of course, they have many years of experience.
“Many are not a part of the act, but are in training now and will be added in the future. Not all are rescue animals, but many are and we love them all! We train for our shows by giving the dogs a lot of rest and making sure they enjoy themselves. I try to incorporate new tricks into the show every month. Like for the Holidays – We have a red carpet fashion show runway segment now and for the Holidays… as Santa Paws Tour complete with Doggie Reindeer.
The entire show is filled with incredible tricks that would make any dog lover stare in awe. But what is this master trainers favorite trick to perform?
“I love the big finish trick where my son and I dive on the ground and roll over each other with the dogs on top. That one took a while to perfect!!! And… you have to be in good shape, too. It’s a workout!”
Thanks again to the Olate Dogs for the interview.  They are currently on their “Santa Paws Rescue Tour” so be sure to check them out in an area near you.
You can also grab their debut album, “The Olate Dogs’ Christmas”, features the dogs singing to classic holiday favorites on the iTunes Store.

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  • Nichole 11 months ago

    We really enjoyed their season on AGT and would love to see them in person sometime!

  • How fun! I’ve seen other rescue dogs perform, but not this group. They are so cute. I bet they are fun to watch.

  • Impressive! I am so glad these guys give so many sweet pups a great home and tons of love! They sure have a lot of talent – both the pups and the guys! What a good looking group of pups!

  • I love how they’re helping to show rescues in a positive light. Sadly too many people have a very bad impression of shelter dogs, and assume they’re all problem animals. It’s wonderful to see them helping to give homeless animals a chance to shine and highlight what wonderful companions they are.

  • I can’t believe that I’ve not seen these dogs before! I think it’s great what they are doing by giving these homeless dogs a second chance and highlighting how great rescue dogs can be!

  • Patients, love AND Food! That is so true – we saw them on AGT and they were quite amazing! It’s great to read more about them and their desire to work with rescue dogs to bring out their true spirit!

  • I saw them on AGT, and was delighted to see them win!

  • I’ve seen videos of them before. I want to teach some of their tricks to Mr. N.

  • I would love to see this (much better than circus animals), but I have not plans to travel into the U.S. anytime in the near future. Maybe I’ll catch them north of the border – Pet Expo, maybe?

  • I’ve never seen the show, but their act looks great! I’m so glad to see that many of the dogs are rescued. That just goes to show people that rescued dogs can be anything you train them to be! Awesome interview!

  • Simon, Zora and Piper can do that…they just CHOOSE not to 😉 I am always so impressed by the level of commitment and patience it takes to teach dogs these kinds of tricks! I especially love Richard and Nicholas’s focus on rescue dogs!

  • I hardly ever watch TV, but I was recovering from surgery that season. It was great watching them perform, especially when I learned that some were rescue dogs.

  • These really are incredible dogs! I love that some of them are rescues, that’s a great message to share.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • I remember seeing them on America’s got Talent

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  • I fell in love with these dogs when they first appeared on AGT. They warm my heart and make me smile for hours afterwards. Thanks for this interview. Nicely done.

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