Do you know your adorable Morkies and Yorkies?

Everywhere we go lately, we have been meeting wonderful “designer” mix breeds and tiny dogs, so today we wanted to feature some unbelievably cute, talented little Morkies and Yorkies.


Morkies – Maltese and Yorkie mixes.

We had not really heard of “Morkies” until a few years ago but they now seem to be a very popular toy breed. These loving little lap dogs were developed in the US as a mix of Maltese with Yorkshire Terriers. They are an affectionate crossbreed and tend to be playful and enjoy chasing balls and jumping and running in bursts. They don’t usually require too much exercise but enjoy a few short walks and some games and activities each day. They love their people so often don’t do well alone and may bark a lot.  They are tiny and a little fragile – only 4 to 8 lbs and 6-8 inches tall.  They seem to suit downtown living (they should be on a leash or fenced in outside).  They often do well with Millennials and  families with older kids. I’d love a little snuggle-bug but I’d be nervous I’d step on, sit on or drop them.

Morkies are usually smart but may be a little stubborn. They do best with positive, patient training and safe early socialization (big dogs can be a bit scary and dangerous).

The Morkie coat can vary in colour, length, and texture because it is a crossbreed dog. For the most part, the coats are rather long and they need a lot of grooming. The colors usually range from solid white to black and tan with lots of combinations in between.

We had the pleasure of hanging out with three incredibly cute, talented, fashionable Morkie Models over the summer.

Mr N- the Tenacious Little Terrier

We have been friends with Mr N and his Mom online for over a year, and we had the pleasure of meeting them in person at BlogPaws in June.

Mr. N from Tenacious Little Terrier

Mr. N from Tenacious Little Terrier

He is just as cute and sweet in person as he is in his fabulous photos that keep getting better (Kilo just tried to close my laptop as I was looking at his Instagram.. again..)  He is very well-trained and knows lots of tricks and behaviours. He also hikes and gets lots of exercise.


Winston – Mighty Morkie


We saw Winston the Mighty Morkie at the Fall Canadian Pet Expo where he won the Best Dressed Contest – who could resist that face and outfit. Such a stylish little guy on his Instagram @mightymorkie too.


Herman In the Hood

We had been following Herman on Instagram @hermaninthehood and had the pleasure of meeting him at Woofstock with @DougthePug, @IggyJoey and @fishstickthePug. This successful little model and media star is just too cute! Herman’s Dad recently posted that he weighed 1.5lbs when he first came home and he is still pretty mini. He looks like a little plush toy and seems very well-behaved, sweet-natured and affectionate with his Dad.


Morkies at The Brickworks Farmers Market

Yesterday I went for a wonderful walk to the Brickworks with Kilo the Pug and we met 2 adorable little “Morkies”. One even shared his treats with Kilo. By coincidence, they each belonged to young couples and had a much bigger Goldendoodle sibling.


Their families described them as “loving”, “full of energy”,  “jump around a lot and love to play”, “fun”, “cute”, “love company” and “likes to sleep with us on my head”.

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers

These pint-sized dogs are characterized by their long silky locks and their feisty and determined personalities. The Yorkshire Terrier is a beloved companion pet, but probably not suitable for families with younger children because of their size. Born black and tan, a Yorkshire Terrier’s true colour can take up to three years to appear and can range from tan to silver. It’s long, silky coat is non-shedding but requires regular brushing.

Yorkies have minimal exercise requirements, are highly intelligent and trainable, but do require constant attention and have a reputation for being alert watchdogs! They seem to get very attached to their owners.

See more about Yorkshire Terriers in our Breed Library Here

Elsie of Doggie’s Doing A Comedy Turn

Elsie is an adorable rescue we recently met through her awesome blog, Doggie’s Doing A Comedy Turn. We love Elsie’s commentary of the hilarious goings on in the Chelton household.

“Elsie the creatively talented rescue Yorkshire Terrier loves to spread humour” -Elsie’s Mom


Dexter and Peppermint

Two faves have to be YouTube stars featured in our doc Dexter and Peppermint from Dexter’s Rough Life.

Chloe Polka Dot


Chloe is a super cute fashion model and Talent Hounds Star

Lucy- the Smallest Working Dog

Lucy is a little rescue who brings joy to all the people she helps as a therapy dog. We featured her in Rescues Rock and Dogs Make a Difference.

Yorkies Out and About at Canadian Pet Expo


We also hear that Shorkies are growing in popularity, but we didn’t actually meet any in person lately.

What are the cutest little dogs you have seen lately?

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  • These dogs are all so beautiful! I love Chloe’s dress, I’d love it for my girl Phoebe! And of course, I adore Mr. N! He has a great personality & is so stylish!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • They sure are adorable… but a little too small for the Lapdog house. 🙂

  • Haha Elise looks like a stinker and I love her face! I have not heard of this mix breed before – they are cute! I sometimes do worry and wonder if our breeding causes medial issues for the pets, but I can’t deny their cuteness! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the pics and info.

  • Rachel 11 months ago

    Oh my goodness, how cute! I had no idea that Mr N was a Morkie, although I’d never heard the term before!

  • Thanks again for including Mr. N! You know I have a giant soft spot for the dogs that look like him lol!

  • I had never heard of Morkies before! I honestly had the 70s (or 80s) sitcom “Mork and Mindy” come to mind until I realized M from Maltese and then it’s obvious where the “orkie” part comes from. They are such cute little dogs. Thanks for making me smarter about dog breeds!

  • Hindy Pearson 11 months ago

    Adorable, and a great size if you like to travel, even on day trips, and want to easily take your dog with you.i

  • OH MY GOD, cuteness overload. I am a big fan on yorkies and yorkie mixes. Ruby is a yorkie-poodle mix. Our first dog, Pip, was a Yorkie. He loved clothes, being carried around, and he was stubborn as all heck.

    And I am off to check out Winston and Herman on instagram!

  • Aww. Talk about cuteness all in one post! There’s something about a little dog dressed up. They can get away with it!

  • We had Yorkies when I was growing up and they were great dogs. I have a Maltese now. Mr. N is one of the cutest dogs ever!

  • We had a couple of small white dogs like these come into our garden. I think the cats would have seen them off (as they are so small and cute) but the dogs just looked a bit lost so I sent and found their mum, she was just coming out of the house on the corner of our road!!

  • I had never heard of “Morkies” until i read this post! It does remind me of a certain sitcom from the 70’s though

  • They are just adorable 🙂

  • I’d never heard of a Morkie, but they are adorable.

  • These dogs are so cute! I’m a big fan of Mr. N. I’ve met him in person a couple of times and he is just as adorable in person as he is in photos. He’s talented too! He gave me a pawshake! 🙂

  • Never heard of them until now. What adorable dogs especially for someone that wants the best out of both breeds yorkies and maltese

  • Morkies or Yorkies or both…they are so, so adorable! (Especially you, Mr.N!)

  • Bryn Nowell 11 months ago

    GAAAAH!! They’re all so adorable! Thanks for sharing such a great lineup of pups. Some are new to me, so I’m excited to be following them now! We of course, have a special place in our hearts for Mr. N, especially after having met him at BlogPaws last summer!

  • They are adorable! We love Mr. N too. ♥