Courageous and loving Bocker

Your legacy and heart will go on!

Marie and Bocker Labradoodle

Bocker Labradoodle and Marie

I am crying as I post this but also remembering all the wonderful times the amazing Bocker Labradoodle & his dedicated Mom Marie touched my life and the lives of so many others. I met Marie and Bocker online, then in person for the first time at Animal Advocacy Day in Albany several years ago. Aria and I interviewed them for our documentary, Dogs Make a Difference – Bocker sure did make a difference. Marie and I became close friends. I feel so privileged to have known Bocker and experienced first hand his gentle loving nature, those big soulful eyes and that adorable Bocker head tilt. He was a very special Lucky Doodle.

Susie and Bocker Labradoodle Kissing

Susie getting a lovely Bocker smooch, flat Kilo not amused

I wrote a poem for Marie and asked my daughter Sophie to read and record it to try to share the joy Bocker brought and remind everyone that he has not really left. He is still with us, especially Marie, in all of the memories, the smiles and the legacy they created together.  Aria, who also knew Bocker, edited the video.


I borrowed a few words, a few extra photos and a cover of the music of one of my favorite songs,  so thank you and please let me know if I need to add any credits. Specialthanks Marie, Shaina Fishman Photography and  Tischman Pets – your photos are incredible. 

I wish we had had more time together but Bocker and Marie certainly made the most of every moment he had on this earth.  Marie is a truly generous, thoughtful, kind person and could not have given him a better life.  He was a very happy boy.


He was a celebrity from an early age who used fame to help people and animals less fortunate. He was one of a kind. I remember walking down the street with him and people would stop and ask questions about him, or want to take photos or pat him – there was just something about him.

Bocker and a very special friend

Best pals forever – Bocker and Glenn

He volunteered as a therapy dog helping kids read or do physio. He kicked cancer’s butt and inspired and comforted all sorts of people.

Bocker Labradoodle Animal Cancer Foundation Spokesdog kicked Cancer's Butt

He also raised funds and advocated for those in need with his popular Facebook Page, his public appearances, calendars, plush Bockers and tee-shirts.

If you would like to honour Bocker by donating to his final medical bills and mission – helping others – he has a fund set up. httpss://

To donate directly to Animal Cancer Foundation, please do so at:

Kilo the Pug and Bocker Plush

Kilo the Pug with our Plush Bocker

He is a true angel now. I will miss sharing his daily smiles and exploits but will think of him running (or resting) pain-free over the rainbow bridge eating chicken and cheese with frosty paws and I will remember that his spirit of courage and love are always close.

If you are suffering from the tragic loss of a loved one, you may find the advice of  Marybeth Haines useful. She shared 7 tools to help deal with loss from her books with us in a post and video and they made a lot of sense to me.  The 2 that I like best are:

1) Recognize that healing needs to take place- it is OK to grieve.

2) Recognize the gifts that your pet gave you.  Bocker certainly gave all of us plenty of gifts.

RIP Bocker the Labradoodle. We love you Marie. Bocker – your heart will go on…


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  • So sorry about the loss of your handsome friend. Sure seems like he lived a pawesome life

  • So sorry for your loss. Our fur kids remain in our hearts forever.

  • RIP Bocker. You led an amazing life and was an inspiration.

  • Bocker was such a handsome dog. I’m sure he left paw prints on the hearts of everyone he knew. RIP Bocker.

  • RIP What a very touching tribute. Bocker and his Mom sound like an amazing team. I’m sure he is missed. x

  • What a beautiful dog and lovely tribute post. Our condolences to the family. RIP Bocker.

  • I’m sad that your precious baby died, however I’m elated that you honored Bocker’s life. In my day job I own and operate a Clock Timeless Pets, which is a pet crematory and pet loss center. I also advocate and educate nationally on behalf of the Pet Loss Professional Alliance (PLPA) which believes that in a pets end of life care, they should be treated with the same dignity and respect as people. It’s clear you loved your baby – sending you a huge virtual hug and tail wags from my kids.

  • Bocker was such a handsome guy! I’m so sorry to hear that he has passed away. He is in great company with all of the other furry angels – including my Cinco. This is a beautiful tribute. It was very kind of you to put this together in honor of him.

  • So sorry for the loss of a wonderful friend. It’s so hard to lose a treasured pup. <3

  • R.I.P. sweet one, run free over the Rainbow Bridge

  • What an inspirational dog…this brought tears to my eyes. Having just lost one of my own Huskies (an advocate for K9 Epilepsy) this past holiday season, my heart truly breaks for Bocker’s family. Her tools are so correct – it is OK to grieve, we must grieve, and always relive the many happy memories they brought us. I think of my Gib every day. I so agree that all the amazing gifts they give, will live on forever. Absolutely beautiful and touching video. How lovely of your daughter to read the poem. I am truly so sorry for your loss…run free, Bocker. You will always be a hero and hold a very special place in the hearts of so many who loved you.

  • We’re so sorry for the loss of your friend. He was very much loved and touched many lives.

  • That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing this heartfealt tribute – a beautiful gift I’m sure Marie will treasure. I didn’t get to meet Bocker but your post about him inspired me to create a remembrance board on pinterest.

  • Bocker sounds like he was a wonderful dog! I know he’ll always be in their hearts and his love will live on. My heart goes out to everyone who knew and loved him!

  • I have chills! This is beautiful.

  • I didn’t have the honor of meeting Bocker, but based on this tribute he was a very special boy. All dogs are special, but ones like Bocker set the bar just a little higher. Rest well, sweet boy!

  • What a touching post. I’m so saddened by this. Brocker is a wonderful Doodle!

  • Jenny 1 year ago

    Dear Bocker
    You are such an inspiration to everyone, you gave so much love to every person that you met.
    We will always love and remember you and carry you in our hearts forever.

  • Lynn Schultheis 1 year ago

    Beautiful poem for a beautiful Bocker. Marie, thank you for sharing this most precious boy. Sending you hugs and love.

  • Bocker was truly a very special & beautiful dog. He and Marie gave so much to this world together, they are superb role models. Bocker was so loved & will be sorely missed by so many. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them