PawsWay Toronto’s Rescue Me Dog Adoptathon Weekend

At Talent Hounds, we love to see wagging tails and hear inspiring happy tails so we loved the PawsWay Toronto 2nd annual Rescue Me Weekend Event. We were lucky enough to learn about the non-profit organizations dedicated to the welfare of dogs, and meet some cuties looking for forever homes and some of the amazing volunteers.

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We were immediately greeted by this precious puppy from Pawzie-Tively Precious American Eskimo Rescue! We saw this puppy at The All About Pets Show then at PawsWay, we met the rest of her siblings. Five puppies were rescued from a hoarding situation along with their mother. Unfortunately one of the puppies had a devastating brain illness, but the other four and the mother were all available for adoption. American Eskimos are very cute looking and amazing loving fun companion dogs. They need affection, socialization and training, as they are very clever and can get bored quickly. When a couple got Ginny, another American Eski we met that day, they weren’t sure what they were getting into. They lived in a small apartment and since Ginny was excitable, he would often bark. They put him in a crate for most of the first year of his life with a shock collar. When the couple finally gave up, Pawzie-Tively Precious American Eskimo Rescue took him in. After a good clean up, and a lot of socialization and training, Ginny is now a happy tail adopted by his foster Mom. Only 5 months after coming into the rescue and training at Scholars in Collars in Burlington, Ont., he now competes with Ultimate Air Dogs and Dock Dogs. Although an unusual breed for dock jumping, Ginny made it all the way to the Dock Dogs World Champs.

This is a great example of the importance of researching breeds before adopting. Knowing a breed will help you know what to expect. Finding a breed of dog that is best suited for both you and the dogs needs is very important. Once you are an owner, constant socialization and commitment to training will not only build bonds between you and your dog, but structure behaviors  you favor in your new pal.

At the Canadian Dachshund Rescue we had the chance to meet Megan and new foster dog Deena. Started in 2001, they aim to work until every dachshund rescued finds their new forever home. Check their site for current cuties.

The Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport were on hand with adorable chihuahuas looking to find their forever homes.



The Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue booth was buzzing with excitement. We met this cute five-month-old Maltese cross puppy named Zoe. She and her sister Tia were recently rescued and doing very well in the foster program said a volunteer. The rescue group works all over Ontario and was started in 2001 working with abandoned, abused, surrendered and puppy milled dogs.  A three-year-old Pomeranian named Gemma was hanging out at the booth as well as she recovered from knee surgery. Zoe and Gemma have both since been adopted into their new forever homes- YAY!!!! Hazel a nine-year-old shit-tzu cross kept her company at the booth.

Tiny Paws Rescue focuses on rescues involving smaller breeds. We met the social butterfly Rica a miniature poodle that his foster dad affectionately called Hugh Hefner, because of his love for the ladies. At ten years old this little guy was surrendered to the rescue when his elderly owners were admitted to an old age home.

After talking to a lot of rescue organizations one thing they all mentioned was the need for homes for older rescues. Even though they may be seniors they are gentle, affectionate and amazing companions looking for good homes to live out the rest of their lives. Choosing an older dog can come with tons of benefits! They are already trained, enjoy the smaller things in life such as a comfy bed and love to snuggle. If you are considering adopting a rescue why not give an older dog a fulfilling last couple of years to their lives?

The Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada had several Boston Terriers on hand. We meet Petunia, a puppy mill rescue saved after four miserable years.  The once timid and emaciated little Boston is a complete different dog today! Domino was from the streets of Vancouver where he was homeless. Motley was one day away from being euthanized at only seven months old when the Boston Rescue intervened. A volunteer and admitted three time foster failure fell in love with these amazing boys and had to adopt them. We think it’s a success!

We met an incredible three-year-old Bull Dog- Saint Bernard mix at the Homeward Bound Rescue booth. He was such a sweetie.

The Toronto Human Society offered valuable information about adopting and necessary care rescue animals need. As well as information on how to adopt through their program, as the shelter can get crowded with dogs looking for new homes.

At the Helping Homeless Pets booth we caught up with friends of our buddy Arthur! Helping Homeless Pets is an umbrella organization of 52 pet rescues from all over Canada. They are true rescue heroes!  Lindsey an eleven year old mini Dachshund stayed comfortable in her Mom’s arms, who told us she although is elderly still loves to play.


Charlotte is a Beagle-Jack Russell mix puppy rescued from Northern Ontario. Although very young, she is already very strong minded and determined, but the volunteers assured us with just two weeks of her puppy training, she is a tremendous learner. She had endless kisses for all at the booth!

At the Ugly Mutts booth we were totally tempted by the cute dogs and impressed how friendly the staff was.  They are a rescue organization dedicated to rescuing all breeds from four-pound Chihuahuas to 140-pound Mastiffs from all over Ontario. On their website, they feature happy tails of all the dogs who find their forever homes. We enjoyed hearing some of these stories first hand. Liberty a German Pincher mix found her forever home with Sarah, the Transport Co-coordinator for Ugly Mutts who happily admits to being a five time “foster failure”. Liberty was only two years old when she was rescued from a high kill shelter in the US. With the love, care and training she has received, she now competes in agility and is a St. Johns ambulance therapy dog destined for more greatness.  Lil Miss a feisty three-year-old Maltese Shih-tzu cross-survived being thrown over a seven-foot fence into the backyard of the shelter one evening. This sweet little Miss quickly found deserving and caring people to be her new family.  The final dog we met was an adorable ten-week-old Chinese Crested puppy named Ponyo. This rare breed sports tuff of hair around the face, paws and tail and distinctly pointy features. Having come into the rescue program from an allergic home we’re certain this cutie will soon be adopted.



Please support non-profit Rescue organizations in your community.  Each dog rescued requires expenses such as vet checks, training and foster care. These amazing programs rely solely on their volunteers, donations and support from the community.

If you are considering a dog, why not ADOPT a rescue and create your very own happy tail!

We are always looking for happy tails and love to see pictures of dogs up for adoption and your adopted cuties! Please submit to the website, facebook or twitter as we are currently working on new TV episodes about rescues and adoption success stories!


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