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Instagram dogs you should be following

We love Instagram and follow over 3,000 pals from all around the world. Today we wanted to highlight famous dog stars from Ontario.  Some of these wonderful dogs will be attending and performing at this weekend’s Canadian Pet Expo.

Currently, 57% of millennial households own a pet. Most consider pets family and share photos on social media. Many seem to see pets as a form of social currency that gives instant validation from peers through likes and comments (I confess, I am young at heart and love getting likes and the social part of social media- in fact I’ll be starting a page for Kilo the Pug). It is great fun looking at cute dog faces, beautiful photos and creative content. You can’t help but smile.

Over 50% of millennials are avid social media users who follow at last one pet profile online. We’ve noticed huge growth over the last year of dogs on Instagram and their followers.  Our own little darling Beau, adopted by talented Aria late last year has already passed 10,000 followers- woohoo.

Enjoy our Top 11 Instagram Dogs From Ontario

Top Instagram dogs you need to follow

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

“If @kimkardashian is allowed to do a naked #selfie, well then so am I? Did I #breaktheinternet yet?!” ~ Crusoe


I was lucky enough to hang out with Crusoe and his family yesterday just back from their US book tour and other adventures. susie and crusoe Grab your own copy of Crusoe’s book HERE and read our spotlight post, 

Media Star Making a Difference: Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund 




Tibby The Corgi aka. Tibby Tibbles


Tibby the corgi is known as being half lion, half corgi and a pinch of bunny. We can’t wait to meet Tibby this weekend.

Smiley The Blind Therapy Dog




Born without eyes, Smiley  works as a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog inspiring others and sharing his inspirational story worldwide. We met him four years ago at auditions for our first documentary and we’re so proud of how far he has come. His first book due out Oct 2016! Can’t wait to see him again this weekend.

Remix the Dog


He’s know as the Most Interesting Dog In The World or at least, Toronto, Canada!  Will be so fun to see him Friday.

Pom Pom Chewy


We love adorable Pom Pom Chewy – the perfect mix of Pomeranian  and fox or “Foxeranian”. She’s even friends with The Weeknd and Drake!  

Iggy Joey

She’s a Fashion Icon and Lifestyle Enthusiast who looks like the baby of a Kangaroo & Deer. Her Mom is a lovely Aussie transplant too (like me). They will be showing off their stuff this weekend at CPE.

Lottie & Friends

5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Dog’s Core  We were with gorgeous well-trained Lottie and Grizzly at Dog Lovers Days where they put on an amazing show and gave us some great training tips as well. Ordinary dogs living extraordinary lives! 




Keshia and Inari


Keshia Black & tan Shiba Inu are the cutest pair! Don’t miss your chance to grab a photo with them this weekend! Their Mom will be taking photos with us too.

Lil Pickles Da Pug


Pickles is an adorable Fawn Female CKC purebred pug living in Toronto!


Mr Marcel


Marcel is a cute Frenchie with some great style and ‘tude!

It’s Moose The Pug


A pudgy little fawn puggy from Toronto!

Herman In The Hood


A suave and sophisticated model, Herman is living the dream puppy life!

3 Furry Beauties


Always dressed to impress, these beauties will brighten up your feed!


Kilo the Pug


Our very own little mascot, Kilo is a sweet little black rescue pug from the six that loves treats and dislikes mailmen.

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