10 Reasons to Choose Dogs Over Diamonds

Dogs Versus Diamonds

Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” clearly never had a dog. I like the look of diamonds, but nothing feels like the love of a dog.

Cute Puppy Sterling Posing For The Camera

I just returned home late last night to my little rescue pug Kilo, after four days at the BlogPaws Conference. My husband and darling daughter greeted me with mild enthusiasm, but Kilo did back flips. He was so happy to see me, he raced to the front door and wanted to eat me. He pushed the others out of the way to get onto my lap. He made me feel so glad to be home. I sat cuddling him and talking to him for a good 5 minutes before I even took off my jacket and put down my bag. Looking into his eyes.. well I can definitely do without diamonds if it comes down to a choice.

Talent Hounds Creator Susie with Kilo her rescue Pug

Adopting a rescue animal and caring for them can be expensive. However, by choosing to adopt, you can have fun and save at least one life for a lot less than the cost of a diamond. The return on investment can be huge. The love of a dog is priceless.

Kilo the Pug Poses For The Camera

10 Reasons I Choose Dogs Over Diamonds

1) My Dog Loves To Cuddle Me and Feels Soft

Diamonds are prized for their hardness, whereas little Kilo has beautiful, soft, silky hair. It has been proven that patting a dog can make you feel happier and reduce stress. It’s not much fun patting a diamond.

2) My Dog is Always Happy To See Me

Even if I have only been to the bathroom, Kilo is always happy to see me (unless he has been up to mischief or is sleeping of course). Diamonds sparkle, but when I look at a diamond, I mainly just see myself.

3) My Dog Has My Back

Kilo is very loyal and would defend me to the death I think (unless an attacker came armed with bacon, in which case his loyalty could be tested). I guess I could cut someone with a diamond, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

4) Dogs Seem to Know How You Are Feeling

Dogs are highly intuitive. They can often pick up on your mood, tone of voice, body language and even body chemicals and scents. Dogs just seem to understand how you are feeling and respond. They can even save lives. Some mood rings appear to detect how you are feeling, but diamonds don’t stand a chance against Kilo.

5) Kilo Helps Me Clean The Kitchen and LOVES My Cooking

Kilo acts like a mini vacuum cleaner, so no need to worry about those crumbs! He would actually be a good dishwasher too. He loves anything I make for him and makes me feel like an excellent mother and cook. He would like to share all my food. I know food is not love, but we both get a lot of pleasure out of meal times. Diamonds are like some supermodels. They just sit around looking good, but never eat.

6) Kilo Motivates Me To Get Up and Out

Dogs need mental and physical exercise everyday and so do I.  I know I have to get up, even on the coldest days and take Kilo on walks, or to agility classes and training, or even just out to pee. Diamonds are just as happy lying around all day.

7) My Dog Is Cute to Look At and Makes Me Smile

Kilo is my little clown- he is so cute and funny. He has such big eyes and an adorable little bean body. He has perfected a totally winning look, especially when he wants something.  His wide range of facial expressions (including the adorable puzzled head tilt), his tricks and all his little flaws keep me so entertained. He tries hard to be good most of the time, but he just can’t resist food. He’ll do anything for a treat (including resorting to a life of crime). Diamonds are multi-faceted and beautiful to look at, but they don’t make me laugh out loud.

8) Kilo is great company and doesn’t judge

My dog is always there for me. He doesn’t care what I wear, if I do my hair, if I smell (in fact he may even prefer me a little smelly). He just wants to hang out. Some people call Pugs “Velcro Dogs”. I would not recommend a pug if you can not spend a lot of time with them. Kilo is at work with me all day, and by my side at night. A diamond may stay by your side, but it certainly does not communicate.

9) Kilo does not take the TV remote

Don’t get me wrong, Kilo is very demanding. He loves attention. However at 8pm, when I am ready to sit back on the couch and watch Game of Thrones,  NCIS or one of my other favourite shows, he is happy to curl up beside me and enjoy it too (as he snores loudly). My husband prefers sports. I guess a diamond is pretty even on this one, but Kilo beats hubby.

10) My Dog Inspires Me To Enjoy Life More

A dog’s main goal in life is to enjoy it. Kilo’s zest for life inspires me. He makes the most of every moment. He wants to spend as many of those moments as he can with me. I find that flattering. He teaches me not to sweat the little things.

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  • 10 great reasons for sure! Give me my dog to over diamonds. Glad you made it home safety

  • I received the same warm welcome from Ruby. I love this fun and delightful post. I am pretty sure Ruby would have my back too ..,unless bacon was involved!

  • This is awesome, and I agree – especailly love #6 BUT all of these are excellent points and I have to agree. I’d take a dog over a diamond any day! You will have to check out Banjo’s web page (Banjo is our rescue!) It is Banjo: The Most Interesting Dog in the World. He has surpassed my page in likes. Now that hurts, except…I sort of don’t mind. Dogs do that to us! Glad to connect with you! Look forward to keeping in touch!

  • I am pretty sure Chewy would not have my back at all. Any offer of pettings or food, and his loyalty goes out the window! But he is definitely more lovable than diamonds.

  • Your pup sounds adorable! Great list!

  • I like both but I’d definitely choose Pug if I could only have one, no contest!

  • Diamonds are my birthstone…. but if I had to choose, I’d always pick Mr. N over diamonds.

  • Oh how funny…I have that on a shirt and just posted a pic of Penny cuddled up (while I’m wearing it) on Facebook.
    And to answer your question, they are US Legends cars / INEX. 🙂

  • My Rita is definitely priceless compared to a diamond! Great list! (My hubs also likes sports, but luckily he also likes GoT!) glad you had a fun trip to BP!

  • that was great! LeeAnna

  • I’d take dogs over diamonds any day! And I love jewelry. 🙂

  • That is exactly the thinking that led me to have four dogs. 🙂

  • I am so happy that we were able to meet! I will always choose a dog over diamonds or pearls ♥

  • What a beautiful post – and what a gem you have found in Kilo! I had images of Dino bowling over Fred as you described his joy at seeing you arrive home from Blog Paws! I would definitely choose the love over a beloved pet any day too. Thanks for sharing this awesome post at Inspire Me Monday and congrats – you are one of our Featured Guests at this week’s party (#179!)

  • This is super sweet.. i enjoyed reading this. I dont have a pet but I think i should be having one now 🙂