5 Fabulous Dog Products From

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo was amazing.  Thousands of products and miles of walking. I admit, it was a little overwhelming trying to see everything and meet everyone I wanted to over the three days, but boy was it fun.

We do a lot of research on training, health, wellness and fitness, however, we don’t do a lot of reviews. Products have to be really useful or relevant to me, Kilo the Pug or our audience

We usually only review what Kilo and I actually test. We couldn’t carry much but we did bring back a few products I will be reviewing and enjoying, plus we formed relationships for the future.

Here is a taste of our faves.

5 Fabulous Dog Products From Global Pet Expo

My Husband’s Favourite Product

Kilo the Pug sheds black hair all over our white couches and bed linen. It drives my husband crazy as it looks messy when guests come by and gets everywhere. He is always looking for efficient ways to get the sticky little hairs off. He was very happy when he saw the “Be Forever Furless” Lilly Brush I brought back. He tried it out already and got very excited about the results.

kilo the Pug with a "Be Forever Furless" Lilly Brush.

Kilo’s Favourites


kilo the pug sitting with cans of Merrick dog food

Anyone who has a pug or knows Kilo, knows that he loves food and treats more than anything, probably even me.

There was an overwhelming selection of wonderful foods and treats, many of them all natural, grain-free or freeze-dried raw. However, I could not bring back Meat Products or Treats except in cans. Merrick was kind enough to give me a few cans of their new Grain-Free range which looks fabulous. I’ll show more when Kilo tastes it.

Buster Activity Mat

Kilo the Pug with his new Buster Activity Mat

This activity mat is a fun and interactive way to stimulate your dog mentally through play. I like how you can customise it to keep it interesting for your dog by varying the level of difficulty over time. I’ll be doing some videos with this as I love the look of it. We also got a Kruuse B’seen Night Light to keep us safe on walks.

My Favourites


hurtta hands free leash

The hands-free leash is great for me and is designed with a flexi section to decrease stress on your dog if they suddenly pull on the leash which Kilo does regularly (we work on it but he is still sometimes fearful and reactive on walks).

I also loved the new sun and insect protective jacket I saw at this stand and hope to test one during our road trip video series or with some of our hiking dogs.

EverPup Daily Dog Supplement 

It’s a 100% natural, human grade powder supplement that helps your dog’s immune defence. Can’t wait to do the 30-day challenge with Kilo and share more details.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog

I love heartwarming stories and this book contains 101 tales of  happy, heroic and hilarious pets.

Other Cool Stuff I Collected

Cardia Compostable Dog Waste Bags

These bags are certified compostable and biodegradable. I always feel guilty using plastic bags (Kilo goes 2-3 times a day) so these are great.

Coastal Pet Products Dog Collar

I received  a lovely blue collar that says “playful” on the front. It’s very cute and waterproof but a little big for Kilo so we will donate to his rescue for a bigger Bulldog.

Smart Bones 

Highly digestible and 100% rawhide-free bones that contain real meat on the inside and vegetable outside. They are low fat and come in 4 sizes to suit any dog. I like how they have a calorie count per size of bone so you can avoid over feeding. Kilo loved the one he tried.

Kilo the pug with treat

Things We Loved and Will Be Following Up On

The Sleepy Pod Products

We love the Sleepy Pod Products and their excellent safety ratings. I  hope to follow up with them about our roadtrip series Backseat Barkers.

Pet Carriers from Gen7Pets

Amazing safety products from Solvit Products

We will also be following up with them about their products for our roadtrip series.

Fit Paws Canine Gym In A Box from our wonderful friend Krista at Fit Paws

Includes 4 products: The Klimb, Paw Pods, Balance Peanut and K9FITbone. Help your dog build strength while they gain confidence. I’d love this set for Kilo to help build his core. Look for a follow-up FitDog Friday post on this.

Fit paws dong on fitness peanuts


Kilo is eating Acana Dog Food this month and thriving on it. I like supporting the Canadian Company and hope to film a factory visit in Edmonton. I did a cool virtual tour of the new Kentucky factory for US Products.

Buddy Belts

We love our Canadian friends at Buddy Belt. Kilo and Beau both use their halters (Kilo rotates with his other stretchy fabric one). Beau modelled one in the Winter Woofstock Fashion show. We will be having coffee with them back in Toronto after Canadian Pet Expo.

Technology Products will be in a separate post, as will brands giving back like Purina, Bayer, Lucy Pet Foundation, Vanderpump Pets, Merrick, Barkworthies and of course, one of Kilo’s faves, Dog for Dog.

There were several other food, treat, toy, health, safety, grooming and fashion brands I also intend to follow up on and will share soon.

What are your favorites?




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  • I think the activity mat and Canine Gym in a Box are so cool! We are actually testing the Be Forever Furless brush and will be posting the review this week. We love it! I can’t believe how well it works on our furniture!

  • Great seeing you again, Susan. Being cat-centric I can’t comment on dog products but will say I have several SleepyPods and love them!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Was so great to see you! Thanks for stopping by. The Sleepy Pods are very cool. Hope Orlando was great for you and I see you again soon.

  • I really wish I could have gone to that show! These are all great products, I’d love to try several of them. Thanks for sharing!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them