Happy Tongue Out Tuesday Friends

Kilo the Pug under blanket for tongue out tuesday

Isn’t Kilo the most adorable pug baby? He is drying off after keeping cool in his new tub pool.

Pet Safety

Remember to keep your pets cool and safe this summer.

We walk in the shade, on the grass where possible- don’t want sunburn or burnt paws from hot pavement.

We avoid being outside during the hottest times of the day.

We cool off with air conditioning, fans, a cooling pad and now a tub splash pool.

We never leave Kilo in the car or any space that could heat up.

We give him lots of fresh clean water, plus chicken ices, fruit freezies and other frozen yummy treats.

We are getting a life jacket for when we go near water (except our splash pool as he is supervised and it is only 1″ -2″ deep) You can enter our giveaway to win one here.

For more inspiration and tips on safe summer fun and keeping cool, check out our other articles like The Importance of Water for Dogs 




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