All I Want For Christmas Is You…

To  stop putting all these silly outfits on me and just let me run free in all my pug glory and EAT treats!

I couldn’t resist how adorable Kilo looks in his red sweater and Santa hat. He is not keen on clothes, but was very very happy to keep posing for treats and attention.

Get into the Holiday spirit with our list of top dog songs, movies and videos and check out our gift guide to help make shopping for all your dogs and dog lovers easier.

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  • I think you should run around naked – “A streaking Holiday Pug” you could start an annual event BOL. Just hearing about the contest, will hop on over now and check it out – “cash is always a nifty thing to have” Thanks!

  • Kilo, you don’t really look grumpy. You Look adorable! If it amuses your human, let it slide…they buy the food you know 😉

  • We think you look awfully cute and hope you were well paid for your modeling services BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  • That is so cute! Rita loves to run naked, but Kilo sure does look cute in his Santa outfit!