All You Need Is Love At The CPE

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This Inspiration Monday we are recognizing the love of animals and the special bond between humans and pets.

This past weekend we attended The Fall Canadian Pet and Reptile Breeders’ Expo at the Toronto International Centre. It was very inspiring and heartwarming to see so many dedicated pet parents and pet lovers alike flock to the event dedicated to animals and their well being.


It was great to catch up with fellow pet industry people and see new and exciting products for pets. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event where you could shop from the hundreds of vendors that covered everything from tiny frogs to the largest dog breeds.


Pets were allowed, within reason, and the added excitement of having them present really made the event amazing. To have so many different animals under one roof without issues speaks to the dedication and care so many pet parents have for socializing and training their animals.


We got to catch up some of our pals we have collaborated with such Rhonna of Neo Paws and Venessa who works with Siber Rescue Ontario. Both luckily had booths close to ours.

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The CPE is a huge supporter of rescue organizations that fight for animals in need. One of the main presenters, Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, was present to talk about the foundation, it’s cause and it’s history. Proceeds from the ticket sales of the expo were generously donated to the DCPRF which will then be distributed to other rescue organizations in need to help further their cause.

It’s amazing to see the community coming together to help one another in order to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

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Another one of our pals, Sylvie Savage of Oscar and Mollie, gave a talk on “14 Days To A Healthier Dog” using a holistic approach to pet care. Her talk “If your dog could speak” was a very interesting way to question if you are giving your dog the right love and attention it needs.

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Renowned dog trainer, Jill Priest of Time and Patience Dog Training, gave helpful audiences, easy tips they could use at home to improve their dog’s problematic behaviours. We love her positive reinforcement approach to training that focuses on rewarding and praise to teach.


We had many visitors to the Talent Hounds booth to take a photo, say hi and enter our raffle for a gorgeous gift basket full of Bullwrinkles, PetNetwork and more doggy goodies.

IMG_0003  IMG_0058

A big thank you goes to our friends for hanging out at the booth and demoing their cool dog tricks all weekend. We always love having you Reta and Linzy, Marcy and her Jack Russel’s Sweetie and Lulu and Sarah and Hero.

Enjoy Our First Gallery Of Adorable Dogs We Saw At The CPE

More Photos To Follow On Wednesday!




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